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Attack – Dream Symbol Interpretation

An attack is a sign that usually bodes great joy for the birth of a child. Sleep is a simple and safe way to express your anger in some vital area of ​​your life, it also means feeling hurt by your fate.

Difficult changes can also occur in your waking life. Dreaming of an attack can also mean facing or avoiding current situations. If we dream of an attack in which we manage, it means inner strength, energy, power and not giving in to fear. Vulnerability to attack means indifference, manipulation, or lack of self-confidence.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Attack

This dream may alert you to being pursued by others, but more often it indicates unconscious feelings, wishes, and the like that suddenly break through into your consciousness.

A man who repeatedly dreams of an attack on a woman, or even a rape, may have a deeply hidden sexual problem that requires professional treatment. Individual dreams of this nature may indicate sexual trouble or other serious problems.

Such a dream expresses strong feelings that may result from sexual refusal or general exclusion.

Dream Symbols : Attack

It can also express jealousy towards the person attacked in a dream and the desire to humiliate them. An attack can also indicate stress in everyday real life. If you dream that you are being attacked, it means that you are unnecessarily engaging in threatening intercourse.

It may also indicate a risk of failure if you do not protect yourself from outside breaches in time and protect your privacy as best as possible. It also augurs difficulties in the near future, which you will face with angry and selfish people. When you attack someone in a dream, it is a sign that you are defending yourself from adversity by evil means. You should be more modest and act more thoughtfully. It is also a sign that you are not prepared for the news.

This dream signifies the breakthrough of strange wishes or an interruption of an intended journey. It can also announce the fulfillment of your desires after a long wait.

If you dream that you are being attacked, it is a sign that your plans will fail. It can also mean that you find yourself in a critical or embarrassing situation through no fault of your own.

When you see an attack in a dream, it is a sign that you do not need to be afraid of danger. When you are involved in an attack, you are being deceived.

This symbol means that someone will be working against you. When you see an attack in a dream, it portends that you will receive bad news. This dream is a warning to you against wrong information.

You must be careful and prove the facts, because someone who is jealous of you will want to harm you. If you dream that you are having a seizure, it portends you in poor health or you will lose your job.

When you see someone having a seizure, it signals a lot of trouble in your circles. Dreaming of being attacked by someone else is usually a sign that we are going through a difficult and uncertain stage in life or that we have enemies around us.

It is usually an invitation from the subconscious to openly express any negative emotions or opinions, as not doing so will be harmful. If we are attacked by one or more friends or strangers, it may be a sign that we will receive unexpected help in a complicated situation.

If we are attacking someone in a dream, it is usually an announcement that too much momentum or self-confidence will make our projects fail. Before starting new projects, the whole situation and small details should be analyzed very carefully, otherwise the probability of achieving completely opposite to the desired results is very high.

If we have fallen victim to an attack while sleeping, unexpected, painful situations, family difficulties and financial difficulties may arise.

If you dream that you are attacking someone for some reason, it means that soon someone will provoke a situation in which you will become a general laughing stock and it will be a very unpleasant experience for you.If someone is attacking you and you are trying to defend yourself, it is a warning, that while you are awake, someone will accost you for some reason.

It can also be a warning to a friend who really cares about gaining your trust, but you shouldn’t entrust any of your secrets to them, as they may use them against you, even involuntarily.

Experiencing an attack is a harbinger of some traumatic waking experience, which will leave an unpleasant feeling for a long time and make it hard for you to get back into the right balance, but in the end you will succeed and you will be very happy about it.

Attacking someone in a dream symbolizes your inner need to draw attention to yourself at all costs, to show yourself to someone who has been neglecting or avoiding you for a long time. It may be one of your superiors and the dream is about work, but it may be someone close to you, and then the dream enters the world of your feelings and emotions.

Another thing is how the person being attacked is behaving in your dream. When she runs away, it is a sign that she does not want to talk about problems, when she is surprised it is a sign that she did not even suspect what was happening, when she argues, it means that she has a different opinion from yours.

Fight back the attack

a warning against over-trust in a colleague who assures you of his loyalty and devotion, injustice on the part of the environment, watch out for an environment in which someone is favorable in words and hostile in deeds.

Survive the attack

something terrible will happen to you, after which you will not be able to return to yourself for a long time, but after days of sadness, joyful moments will come, and you will return to full strength, you will unconsciously arouse in someone fear, a lurking threat.

Be attacked by an animal

be careful, pay special attention to who you are in contact with on a daily basis, a dream animal may mean a person with whom you are in general contact.

Attack someone

you have a lot of strength and courage, you can expect a child, there will be great joy in your home for the birth of a child.

Survive the attack of the disease

you will experience a shock, but you will quickly recover from it and return to your former form, scaring someone by accident.

Kill the attacking animal

your hunches won’t confuse you, you will trust the wrong person, and you will fall for pity.

Being attacked by someone

your life will speed up and you will have a lot of trouble.

Association: – extreme internal turmoil, – spasmodic movements. Question: – Where in my life I am afraid before or do I strive for control?


Expression of mental high voltage and symbol for the wish for the outbreak from the normality of own life. Attack dreams sometimes mean also a long edged out or suppressed longing for sexual ecstasy. Instead of the flowing of the orgasm and the relaxation and loose solution a sort of spasmodic attack takes place. The dreaming should learn to let go, in every situation. If, however, frightening dreams of spasmodic attacks recur, this could be a serious warning signal. It should be visited a doctor or therapist.


(European ones).:

  • It is to be seen no good sign in the dream an illness.
  • have: suffer from bad health, – loss of the employment,
  • others see: a lot of incommodities in your circles, released by subordinates.

Attack - dream interpretation and meaning
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