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Asbestos in dreams is a symbol of hidden danger and unnecessary tensions, and it is also a sign of pent-up anger that you will soon discharge on someone. The dream of asbestos is also an expression of sadness caused by failed undertakings.

What does it mean when you dream about Asbestos?

Asbestos dream dictionary
Asbestos – Dream Symbol interpretation

asbestos on the roof – a sign that you will find yourself in a critical position after the battle


asbestos in the wall or on the floor – it foreshadows an unpleasant surprise that will hurt your future

if you are exposed to asbestos – it is a sign that you are hiding your true feelings for too long; therefore, undoubtedly, an argument with a loved one is in the air

Asbestos dream meaning

when you work with asbestos – you should be careful because there are people around you who may try to stop you from finding out the truth about a specific topic

asbestos removal – is a sign of regret about something you have done in the past

asbestos poisoning – means that a particular person will sentence you without being able to defend your rights.



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Dream interpretation and meaning : Asbestos

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