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It is quite a complicated and ambiguous symbol, very contradictory, because sometimes it can mean very great happiness, and sometimes the greatest tragedy.

If you dream that you are seeing an astronomer, it is an unfavorable omen, because it may herald that in the near future you will be facing the death of someone very close to you and important to you, which will fill you with great sorrow and mourning for a long time.


When you are an astronomer in a dream or you perform activities typical of him, it means that you will soon get rid of bad memories or pangs of conscience that did not let you sleep well. An astronomer looking at the sky portends you happiness and general success in all spheres of your life.

In Grandma’s dream book, this symbol means that you have to survive the bad times that you are currently experiencing. The astronomer is a symbol of a long journey on which you will promise a lot. The meaning of the astronomer’s dream



Be an astronomer

you achieve your goals slowly but surely, you are methodical and cautious about life’s obstacles and problems, you face a difficult decision that can bring great changes to your life, you will get rid of the pangs of conscience that haunt you.

See the astronomer

someone or something will unexpectedly come in your way and your world will change, trouble.


Quarrel with the astronomer

indicates that you have a lot of plans and ideas that will not always come to fruition.

A pensive astronomer

symbolizes your life dilemmas, you are faced with a difficult choice.

Talk to the astronomer

dreams that can only be fulfilled with far-reaching consistency

  • as well as astronomy: should a bad premeaning have.

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