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The asphalt road seen in a dream, like an avenue, symbolizes your life path, and what it looks like depends on whether your life will be boring and unhappy, or on the contrary, it will be full of happy events. You have solid foundations to build something from scratch, believe in yourself and you will find that nothing stands in the way of achieving success in life.

Asphalt : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

dreaming about asphalt

Sometimes it is a symbol of the pursuit of the goal, depending on whether the asphalt leads us on a straight or winding road. Appearing asphalt in a dream can be a sign of gloomy thoughts and a sign of pessimistic looking at certain things. Rarely means an automotive related purchase.


Asphalt means you have a long and hard road ahead of you. You are on a long and hard road through life

slippery, wet: a pleasant surprise

Asphalt dream dictionary
Asphalt – Dream Symbol Interpretation

dry: be careful not to fall into workaholism

walk the asphalt road: obstacles on the way of life, it will not be easy and you will stumble more than once.

If you saw a dry or even dusty asphalt road, it is a warning to you that you have been working too much lately and if you do not slow down, you may even become workaholic, which will affect not only your family life, but also your health.

In addition, if you dream that you see wet, slippery asphalt, it means that you will soon be in for a pleasant surprise that will bring joy to your home for a long time. In Grandma’s dream book, this dream announces that you will be in a seductive mood, but you need to be careful, because you can engage in an acquaintance that will only bring you trouble.


What does it mean when you dream about Asphalt?

See the asphalt

you have a long and hard road to the goal you have chosen, you will show great commitment in a certain matter, thanks to which you will quickly achieve the desired result, possible purchase.

Walk on the asphalt

the road to the goal will be bumpy and difficult, but the triumph of achieved success will exceed your wildest expectations, the pursuit of goals.

Freshly laid asphalt

new opportunities are born in your life, trouble-free achievement of the goal.

Slippery asphalt

imminent threat that may result from your carelessness.

Hot asphalt

repressed anger has long led you to a quarrel with a loved one.

Destroyed asphalt

life will raise the bar a little higher than it was before.

Leaky asphalt

unexpected troubles and problems, you may face resistance.

Wet asphalt

it can symbolize surprise, often not pleasant.


Dry asphalt

a pleasant surprise awaits you, possible new messages.


symbol of a long and exhausting road

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Asphalt

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