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Adoration of a holy image foretells that you will be more God-fearing.

Dream meaning adore

If you adore someone, it is a sign that you have flaws that make you see yourself as inferior to others.


When you adore something, it signals that you are acting without thinking.

Adoration in church heralds that you will find rest and free yourself from things that poison your peace of mind.

Adoring women heralds you with great honor and wealth.

If a woman adores someone, it heralds you better and happier relationships.

adore dream symbol

Meaning of the dream ADORE in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Mystic Dreambook:

If you adore someone in your dream, the time has come for important and serious feelings.


When you are adored in a dream, there will be affection, if you are in a relationship, you may find that you are interested in someone new, think if it is worth it.

Dream about Adore

A favorable future and great joy. If you are adored by a stranger, it means that if you are currently in a relationship, there is a rift between you, and the feelings that until now seemed to you sincere and unchanging, are not such at all.

For lovers, such a dream signifies lasting and happy love, imminent marriage, lasting and happy marriage. Dreaming about an admirer can be related to a real situation and involve a specific person.

However, most often an adorer and being adored in a dream signifies the joy of life and heralds a favorable future. Dreams about an admirer may indicate a specific person and situation, you need to consider what meaning this person has for you, and what the relationship is between you.

Dreams about an admirer can be related to the real situation of the dreaming person and show a specific admirer, you need to think about what he wants from you and what is his attitude to you, you need to be strong, do not let someone take advantage of you.

However, before you question your other half, first subject your own feelings towards him to careful analysis, because this symbol more often means that it is the dreaming person, not his partner, who has some problem with sincerity or even fidelity.

An admirer in a dream means a bright future and great joy. Be strong as well as do not let yourself be taken advantage of. Dancing with an admirer means that you will have a successful future, but you will achieve this success only through diligent, persistent work. You need to look closely at the matter because sometimes it has a second bottom. Treatments in the affair, full of inflamed emotions.

For those already married, it can mean harmless musings of a third party, who does not have a chance and will leave with a flourish anyway. It could even be a hidden love. If you dream that you see an adoring person in some awkward situation for you, it means that your interactions will improve significantly, mainly on her initiative.


It may also signify a subconscious fear that this person is taking advantage of you, and this may indeed be the case – it may be a kind of warning to show decisiveness and not allow yourself to be manipulated. So, if you dream that you are being adored by a person who is also doing it on waking, it means that you should reflect on your mutual relationship and answer the question whether you are sure that your expectations and goals coincide.

On the other hand, if you are the adoring party, and if in a dream you adore a person known to you on waking, it means that you have warm feelings towards this person, which you do not realize. For couples in love, it augurs lasting and beautiful love. An admirer is a sign of courting something not necessarily someone. It is a positive symbol for lovers, it augurs happiness and lasting love.

adore dream meaning

Meaning of the dream adorator

To be adored by someone

favorable future, means not necessarily constant and sincere feelings in your relationship, and not necessarily from your partner’s side maybe from yours.

To have an admirer

changes in matters of the heart, great love will soon come or winning in games of chance.

Adore someone

you are unsuccessfully trying to achieve something, your efforts will soon be rewarded, joy.


Adore a stranger

reflects the lack of love in our lives, but also the fear of that love.


usually symbolizes a bright future, full of joy and love.

Adorer for lovers

foreshadowing of beautiful love, foreshadowing of lasting and happy love.

Dancing with an admirer

benefits the future through persistent work, possible promotion at work.


Adoring a person known to oneself

embodies the thoughts we subconsciously associate with her, a hidden love.

An awkward situation with an admirer

there will be favorable changes in relations with the person seen.

To see an admirer in an awkward situation

favorable changes in contacts in the person seen.

Adore dream dictionary

Adore – Dream Symbol Interpretation


  • a holy picture: Fear of God will come about you,
  • somebody: you will have disadvantages, because one does not take you as equal,
  • something: you act without consideration,
  • in the church: you will find rest and leave the right ones, – lets you not disconcert.

(European ones).:

  • a nice woman: big honour and wealth,
  • a man (by a woman): one comes to better and happier relations.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Adore

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