The agent in the dream represents new life experiences and inner confidence in real life.

So you should take control of what is important to you, otherwise you will become a pawn in the hands of people who can take advantage of you.


However, if you want to solve your affairs properly, remember not to put unnecessary pressure on anyone, but slowly move towards your goal.

  • When you dream that you see an agent it signifies a desire for someone in your workplace to appreciate the effort you put into all the activities you do on a daily basis.
  • A real estate agent in your dream means that you feel that your freedom is being threatened by those who are constantly trying to dictate to you what you should do and how you should live your life. The dream may also mean that you feel unfulfilled because of missed opportunities in your life.
  • When you dream about talking to an agent you will run into a scammer who will try to trick you, but fortunately you will figure it out in time and not be fooled.
  • Meeting an agent is a sign that in a certain matter you already know what to do, but you still feel the need to collect information that is not at all right. Therefore, you’d better consider whether it would be better to listen to your own instincts and follow your heart instead of listening to other people.
  • If you are an agent in your dream, it may mean that you have a constant need to advise others, but you often face rejection. Perhaps you wrongly believe that only you are always right.

Dream about agent

Talking to an agent foreshadows serious losses that await you and that you will probably not be able to avoid. It may also mean that in the near future you will meet someone who will significantly help you to expand your business.

When you deal with an insurance agent in your dream, it is a sign that you have considerable influence over someone. Be especially careful if someone you don’t know well persuades you strenuously to do something, as he most likely sees it as a benefit only to himself.

In dreams, it warns us of incurring a loss – especially a financial one. If you dream of this symbol, you should consider whether you have adequately secured your future and that of your loved ones in case of some unexpected unfortunate event.

Being in his company is a sign that you will succeed in removing from your life something that has so far prevented you from achieving full success. A sign of hidden nature, falsity and deceit One should be on guard. So we should be vigilant and careful that our spending is done with our heads.

You have a chance to meet a person who will contribute to the development of your business. It is accepted that seeing agents in a dream signifies the losses we will incur in the near future. Regardless of whether you see an agent or talk to one. If you see an agent in your dream, it is a warning that there are people around you who want to deceive you in some way, so you need to make all decisions carefully.


The agent is a symbol of our inner self recruited to work for our consciousness, because of the hidden knowledge it symbolizes access to important information about ourselves in our subconscious.

If you wish to resolve the matter properly, remember not to put pressure on anyone. Secure your future and that of your loved ones. So try your best – you should not underestimate the fact that this person, at your instigation, is ready to harm himself strongly, so be careful when giving him advice.

However, the agent also symbolizes taking action to achieve the desired goal by quietly, a bit sneakily pushing towards a goal you only know. So it is possible that you may end up defeating your most serious rival. It is also possible that someone is groping you behind your back.

Agents in a dream is also a sign not to be too open with others. The task of our dream agent is to provide all the acquired information about what is hidden and long since forgotten, but nevertheless still affecting us, not allowing us to forget who we are even though the great-cause has disappeared in the fog of unconsciousness.

Meaning of the dream agent

Agent dream symbol
Agent – Dream Symbol Interpretation

To see an agent

an impending crisis, beware of other people, a warning against crooks who are in your close surroundings, a foreshadowing of the losses you will suffer in the near future, beware of scammers and swindlers, a warning against fraud.

Be an agent

great inner strength, you will soon come up with new ideas that will bring happiness and prosperity, get rid of a nagging problem once and for all, someone dislikes you very much, remove obstacles from your path to success.

Deal with an agent

you will want to influence someone, you have a lot of influence on someone, pressure on someone.

Talk to an agent

duplicity among friends, you will come across a scammer, financial loss.


Real estate agent

your affairs will gain momentum, a large influx of cash.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Agent

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