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To dream about astrology implies that you are apprehensive about upcoming events. You need to pay very close attention to what is being communicated to you and determine what influence it will have on your life.

See astrology books – understand your mistakes …
Deal with astrology – you will achieve greater success than before …
See the astrological signs – you will discover the further path of your development …


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Astrology in dream symbolism is a kind of learning about ourselves, it is a science that, based on the stars shining for us, allows us to understand our mistakes, and this is just a step towards further development. However, this one step is the hardest to take. Working in astrology means that your previous successes, which you have achieved so far, are only an introduction to something bigger. On the other hand, seeing the astrological signs in the sky symbolizes that now you will choose the right life path on which you should move and you will discover a development plan for yourself …

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Astrology

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