An antenna in a dream is a sign of communication with one’s own environment, it represents the ability to transmit ideas as well as thoughts to other people.

The dream also portends a happy period in the dreamer’s life, the realization of one’s dreams and the making of new acquaintances. If you want to attract a certain person, you should become more mysterious. However, your excitement can end quickly if it turns out that the direction you are looking at is completely different.


Antenna : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

A knocked over antenna in a dream is a sign of a coup in relations with a person who until now seemed to you to be very prudent and nice.

A dream about the lack of connection of the receiver with the antenna portends success in professional life, and may also indicate a promotion or a raise. Sometimes sleep is also a sign of problems in the flow of information between people close to each other.

Climbing the aerial is a sign that you want to reconcile conflicting sides or that you want to correct mistakes you have made in the past. Don’t give up your dreams and you will get what you want from life. Your dreams can become the reason why you will wake up with joy every morning.

A broken antenna can herald all kinds of life changes or a new start. A dream can also portend a quarrel with loved ones. However, don’t worry too much, everything will return to normal after a while.

Dreaming of trying to fix the antenna shows deeply hidden feelings about trying to completely reorganize your own life.

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What does it mean when you dream about Antenna

If you dream about an antenna falling from the roof it is a sign that someone will hurt your feelings, apparently this person always blames everyone for their own mistakes and their behavior leaves much to be desired. If you cannot get along with her, think about whether you want to forcefully continue this relationship.


Cutting the antenna in a dream foreshadows bad news that you will soon receive from someone.

The dream of connecting an antenna to a radio apparatus is a harbinger of financial gains, if you play out certain situations in your life well, your fortune will surely increase.

If you dream that you are grounding the antenna, then this is a sign of the ability to transmit your thoughts and ideas to other people.

Buying an antenna in a dream is an announcement that you will soon hear great news that will change your life.

A dream of selling an antenna indicates the end of a relationship with someone you care about very much.


Antenna dream dictionary
Antenna – Dream Symbol Interpretation

To see an antenna in your dream signifies that you are in harmony with your environment. The state that the antenna is in represents the way you communicate your feelings and beliefs. Pay attention if it is broken, rusty, or crooked.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Antenna

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