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Dreaming of ashes omens woe, and many bitter changes are sure to come to the dreamer. Blasted crops to the farmer. Unsuccessful deals for the trader. Parents will reap the sorrows of wayward children.

Ashes : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Ash is a symbol of passing away, a remnant of what once was.


When you cover something with ashes in a dream, it portends sadness and mourning.

Ashes dream dictionary
Ashes – Dream Symbol Interpretation

When in a dream you collect ashes into a vessel, a reward or inheritance awaits you.

If in a dream you fall into ashes or get buried in it, this portends a great loss.

When in a dream you see a fire site with ashes, you are in for mourning, loss.

If you choose ash from the hearth, your family’s financial capacity will increase significantly.

When you walk on ashes in a dream, you are a greedy person.


When you have ash on your clothes, you have a false friend.

What does it mean when you dream about Ashes?

The meaning of ASH sleep in other cultures and dream books:

Mystical dream interpretation:

When you are sprinkled with ashes, it promises mourning in the family.

When you collect ash from the ground, you will gain a large sum.

When you tread on ash, it reveals that you want to achieve success quickly with little effort, you will fail.

When in your dream the ash falls on everything, expect your finances to worsen.

When you throw away ash, you win money.



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Dream interpretation and meaning : Ashes

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