Antelope dream dictionary


Antelope dream dictionary

Antelope – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Key words: Charm, – quickness, – beauty, – change, – protection. Description: The antelope whose name from the Greek comes and means “flower eye” is a mammal of the horn-rimmed animal family. In North America exist from about thirty to forty millions of them, before the Europeans came to exterminate them nearly. In reserves created for them they have themselves, today again on nearly half a million increasingly. Most herds graze in the west of the United States. Antelopes are with the quickest animals of the world, – they reach maximum speeds from up to 110 kilometres per hour. General meaning: Grace, – quickness, – change. Association: Flee. Transcendent meaning: To move the help, either fast on something to or from something, – impulse and protector.


A typical man’s dream: To conquer symbol for the exotic erotic woman – very attractively, proudly and hard.




    this symbol prosperity or a new, valuable acquaintance means

  • of seeing you the antelope in the nature.
  • Finding to itself the animal in your dream in captivity or it was killed, you must count on a breach of trust. In this case the sign wants to remind you to extreme care.

(European ones).:

  • see one: a person expensive to you has caught trust and affection for you,
  • several see: an ambitious aim can be realised, provided that you raise the necessary energy,
  • Dreaming a young woman of the fact that an antelope a slope hinunterst├╝rzt, is to be calculated on the fact that a man to her becomes the downfall.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Antelope

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