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Asphyxiation – Dream Symbol Interpretation

A dream of physical origin, possibly due to asthma; see your doctor.

Dreams of asphyxiation or suffocation indicate envy for someone else’s life or successes. It is about both your jealousy of people who are doing something and the envy of those around you for your successes.


To be strangled: difficulties lie ahead. You have to set the bar high if you want to get what others have.

Avoid suffocation: someone will give you great confidence. Do not waste it!

Choke, choke: you will be successful at someone else’s expense. You will lose this man’s respect.

Strangulation by a snake: disturbance of the peace of the home or someone else’s trick.

Strangling a child: you will witness some bad event.

Strangling an animal: you are very determined and will stop at nothing.



Suffocation from food: sleep indicates that your life is too intense. You don’t find time for important matters.

Strangling an enemy: hidden hatred, grief and grudge against some person.

Strangling the old man: you strive over the dead bodies.

Choke someone with a pillow: you want to get rid of someone or free someone, but you don’t have the courage or strength to solve the problem.

Choking on vomit or seeing someone choking on it: jealousy about other people’s successes. A dream suggests that you may envy someone’s money, appearance or partner.

Choking on carbon monoxide: a warning to prevent upset. It could also be a sign that someone is trying to stop you from making a positive change in your life.

Strangulation with string, rope or wire: a person will get under your skin. A conflict or altercation may arise. You will be planning how to get revenge on that person.


See or have choke marks on your neck: you will be hurt by a loved one.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Asphyxiation

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