Artillery dream meaning


Artillery dream translation. Artillery Dream. In the Arabic dream book, this motif is a signal for you to beware of danger.

Artillery is a sign that you will encounter a lot of worry that will disturb your peace for some time. After that, however, good days will come and you will regain peace of mind.


This dream serves the intellectual and philosophical development and the search for true, internal knowledge, the development of intuition, the development of sensitivity, inner loneliness and contact with other people, without being presumptuous and with a great deal of understanding towards the views of others.

Artillery symbolizes great firepower in discussions, disputes and quarrels.

Worry after which pleasant sensations await you.

It is worth considering the motives of your behavior in order not to draw your artillery to a swarm of mosquitoes. . Joy will reign in your life.

The meaning of artillery

See artillery

fleeting love will start quickly and end quickly like a cannon shot.

Moving artillery

the prediction of important, come still distant events.


Shoot artillery

you will use valid arguments in the dispute.

To be an artilleryman

you have an important obligation to fulfill.


What does it mean when you dream about artillery?

Artillery dream dictionary
Artillery – Dream Symbol Interpretation
  • protects you from danger.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Artillery

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