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Dreaming of an aquarium usually means that you get the feeling that your life is spinning in a circle or going nowhere. Alternatively, the aquarium may indicate that if you wish to regain a clear mind and peace of mind, you must first calm down or take some time to relax and rest.

Aquarium : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

If you see an aquarium in a dream, this is a sign that in the near future you will have nothing but trouble, if you do not do anything, you will quickly fall.


An empty aquarium in a dream is a sign that you should calm down and spend more time relaxing your orderly life.

When you dream that you are swimming in an aquarium, you should take into account the losses that C will suffer from other people’s misdeeds.

A dream about fish swimming in an aquarium is a sign of all good fortune, happiness and agreement, it augurs better relations among family and friends.

Changing the water in the aquarium in a dream means that you feel that you are losing precious time in your life, wondering how to get out of difficult situations that still arise in your life.

A dirty aquarium in dreams usually bodes misfortune, is a sign of many perturbations in life and also difficult to overcome barriers.

If you dream that algae are swimming in the aquarium, it is a bad sign that may portend the death of a family member.


A lit aquarium in a dream foreshadows a better future, it is a sign that a light in the tunnel will finally appear on your way.

A broken aquarium can alert you to problems and is often a symbol of loss.

What does it mean when you dream about Aquarium

What does it mean when you dream about Aquarium

an aquarium can also symbolize good luck, success and the possession of expensive things.

Dreams in which the aquarium plays a major role can also mean a desire for more play, mostly emotional, or spontaneous life close to nature. It also means living for show and beyond.

It is a reminder to let go of these things as they may turn against you. This is a warning symbol. It means an artificial living space in which there are no natural relationships.

The aquarium is life under the cover, in view behind the glass pane. A person dreaming of an aquarium also wants more freedom, we are often limited by family and professional life.

Closer contact with nature and inner calmness can help us get rid of negative emotions. An aquarium that appears in dreams is not a good sign. It may mean that some of your feelings and feelings are not true.

If an aquarium appeared in your dream, you need to consider whether you have experienced negative emotions and bad feelings in your life. Most often this dream is a reminder to renounce falsehood and beware of bad feelings.


It may mean that you feel behind glass, guarded and constantly watched, and would like to change that state. The aquarium seen in dreams is not a good sign, it means artificial life, a delusion to which we indulge ourselves out of comfort or out of our laziness.

The symbolism of this dream indicates that we have given the right to make decisions into someone else’s hands, and we consider our carefree existence to be happy.

It symbolizes an artificially limited life. If this dream concerns a woman, it very often means a marriage of convenience, while if it concerns young people in general, it is a sign of their reluctance to be independent, because they prefer to remain under the guardian wings of their parents despite their mature age and artificially create numerous problems that they are supposed to help them.

Dreaming about an aquarium can also alert us to false feelings.

See the aquarium

in the near future you will encounter a lot of difficulties, to achieve your goal you have to be patient, it foreshadows you difficulties and damages, but you have to be patient, because thanks to this you will finally achieve your goal.

Have an aquarium

you should correct your past mistakes, it is a signal that for now you must go back and find your mistake, and then you can go for your happiness that will wait for you.

Empty aquarium

certain things bother you, the sooner you solve them, the better, embarrassment, you need to calm down and spend more time relaxing and rest, quarrels, unpleasantness.

Swim in the aquarium

everything will not go as planned, the announcement of considerable financial losses, you are threatened with losses, financial failures, you will suffer huge losses.


Fish in the aquarium

happy news or event, it portends you this happiness, improvement of your material situation, foreshadowing joyful moments and happiness.

Change the water in the aquarium

you get the feeling that your life is going nowhere and it keeps going round and round.

Go fishing in the aquarium

luck in lottery or games of chance, a big injection of cash.


Associations: – Microcosm of the emotions. Question: – At which feelings is I to be shown to have a look or ready?

Aquarium dream dictionary
Aquarium – Dream Symbol Interpretation


Is valid as a symbol for a guarded, artificial living space in which natural relations are only shown. Because it concerns with the aquarium something which was made artificial, moreover, it stands for superficiality and unnaturalness. Certain feelings and sensations in the neighborhood of the dreaming are played and phoney. Mostly this dream sends a reminder to renounce facades and to watch out for wrong feelings. The dreams in which aquariums play a role express maybe also the desire for ‘more clearance’ (mostly emotionally) – or after a spontaneous, close to nature life form. The dreaming feels ‘how behind glass’ guarded and would like to change this state. Traditionally it symbolises luck and success above all in dear things.



  • you will have incommodities,
  • hold: you must far fall back to find your mistake, then the luck will not keep waiting for itself.

(European ones).:

  • see: Incommodities, – one should rush nothing, this would bring only damage, – with a lot of patience one will achieve his aim,
  • in it fish and reptiles see: Luck,
  • swim themselves in it: menacing loss.


  • with fishing or reptiles can announce above all financial success,
  • the empty: Worries and need,
  • swim themselves in it: it can come to losses.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Aquarium

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