Africa dream dictionary


Africa dream dictionary

Africa – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Freedom of suppression. Question: – In which manner am I ready to go out more from myself and to express myself more creatively?


Africa which gets dark for many people equally amusing like frightening continent, can symbolise the ‘dark’, unaware parts of our personality and request to investigate them better. If one looks at Africa in the atlas, one often longs for changes because one is discontented with the instantaneous life situation, itself more change and adventure wishes. Then one must not travel immediately to Africa, however, should try to form the monotonous life diverse. On the other hand, a dream from or over Africa is able to do also announcements that the dreaming longs for an easy life beyond the civilisation. If Africa appears in a dream, it stands mostly also for a kind of the help which one has not expected from this or that direction.



(European ones).:

  • see: Travelling and experiences, – the stranger pulls, because own situation is dissatisfied or dangers threaten, – also: somebody will help one, in professional or financial matters,
  • study in the atlas: Longing for distant countries,
  • travel there or be there: forthcoming illness, – the fevers with itself brings, – also: be present there: from the clod cannot get away.


  • does not get lost you and remains on the ground of the reality – it is not all gold what shines!

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Africa

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