Artist dream dictionary


Artist dream dictionary

Artist – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Work on creativity and genuineness. Question: – Which part of me is ready to be expressed? What is unique in me?


However, no everyday dream symbol – should appear a typical ‘artist’s shape’ in your dreams, this is valid as a tip to a creative talent, to discover it and promote would repay. Or you aim at a change of your life form which corresponds to the stereotype of the free, unconventional artist’s life.


The sculptors, to times, chasing and manufacturing of statues are for adulterers, Rhetoren, forgers and all kinds of swindlers of good premeaning because these arts show the not existing as existing, – it means the remaining person to defamations of character and gathering the large amount because piece of art are determined for the wide public.



  • you gets an interesting work, however, a low acquisition.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Artist

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