Armoury dream meaning


If you dream of the armory as a storage site for weapons and ammunition, it portends disagreement and unrest.

Armoury : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

When you’re inside the armory, it suggests that you want to protect yourself from aggression or malevolent behavior. You may, for some reason, feel a threat, a danger.


When you choose a weapon from the armory, you will engage in a difficult fight, the outcome of which is entirely up to you.

If you work in the armory, the dream suggests that you will initiate or encourage conflicts.

When an armory is on fire or in ruins, a symbol of peace and resolved conflicts.

If you dream of the armory as a craft building in which concrete or glass is armed, you will be responsible for something or someone. The success of any undertaking will depend only on you.

When in a dream you are a fixer or see a fixer, this suggests that you will get things done positively. This symbol also means the strengthening of certain ties, e.g. love, social and family ties.

What does it mean when you dream about Armoury?

The meaning of the ARMORY dream in other cultures and dream books:


Arabic dream interpretation:

In the Arabic dream book, this symbol means that you are in a belligerent mood and that you get irritated easily because you feel frustrated.

Indian dream interpretation:

This symbol augurs quarrels and anxieties.

Persian dream interpretation:

The armory in the Persian dream book announces preparation for war. It is about some serious and long-lasting conflict.

Armoury dream dictionary
Armoury – Dream Symbol Interpretation
  • warlike views, – annoyance and frustration.


  • quarrel and restlessness.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Armoury

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