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Appointment in a dream is an expression of loneliness, isolation or a desire to participate in social gatherings.

Perhaps you need the support or help of trusted people right now, and you are slowly beginning to realize how important relationships with loved ones are.


Appointment : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

If the meeting is smooth and pleasant, expect someone to surprise you in the near future. If, on the other hand, the meeting is unpleasant, then the dream is a bad omen.

see the meeting – after a long time of isolation you will finally go out to the people

make an appointment – remember to stay calm and cool in certain situations, because acting under the influence of emotions will not do you any good


meeting with an important person – you will change your view on certain matters
meeting friends – you will have the impression that other people do not appreciate or ignore you

meeting on the job – the dream foreshadows not very favorable professional news, which sooner or later should be expected

meeting a stranger – take into account the new conditions in your actions and plans, otherwise you risk frustration


be at a meeting – someone will challenge you for which you will not be prepared, so you will eventually lose

a chance encounter – after a long stressful period, a lucky coincidence of events will change your fate

meeting after years – you will meet someone from your past, thanks to which you will overcome moments of stagnation and loneliness

be late for an appointment – try to focus on more productive endeavors than before

miss a meeting – you will start to be concerned about your own goals and desires.


What does it mean when you dream about Appointment

Appointment dream dictionary
Appointment – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Symbol for efficient work, order and discipline – in the negative dream connection: Solidification in fixed ideas and principles.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Appointment

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