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The majestic animal that is the deer wears its antlers like a crown, but it can also be a weapon and symbolize attack and aggression in a dream.

Antlers : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Antlers can be the embodiment of distrust and jealousy in a love relationship, primarily as “horns” in a dream of men who are afraid of betraying their partner. Antlers can also symbolize supernatural powers, fertility and the improvement of the mind.

The meaning of Antlers

The meaning of Antlers dream in other cultures and dream books:

Arabic dream interpretation:

If you see antlers in a dream, this portends disputes and infidelity, great disappointment in love, and also an unhappy wedding.

When you see the antlers of several deer, it is a symbol of love without reciprocity.

Grandma’s dream book:

Overall, this symbol can express your fear of being unfaithful to the person with whom you are related.

If you see antlers in a dream, this is a disappointment in love and an unhappy marriage.
The antlers of many deer are a symbol of love without reciprocity or departure.


Indian dream interpretation:

Large antlers tell you that you are rich or that the person with whom you are related will be tempted to be unfaithful.

What does it mean when you dream about Antlers


Antlers dream dictionary
Antlers – Dream Symbol interpretation

The deer is a majestic animal whom his antlers carry like a crown. Nevertheless, it is meant as a weapon and can express attack and aggression. Antlers can embody mistrust and jealousy in a love relationship in the dream, – primarily, it are to be become ‘horned men, fearing, by a woman what is due, however, often to feeling of inferiority. Old-Indian dream springs interpret the antlers also as a symbol for business and financial growth, – the greater the antlers, the greater the success in this regard.


At the psychological level the antlers show the consciousness for the conflict potential between nobler and the low desires in the dream. One puts on it to those with which one wants to have nothing more commonly. Animal antlers and animal horns always rescue the danger of the separation of charming people or objects in themselves.


At the spiritual level the antlers show supernatural forces, fertility and the refinement of the mind in the dream.



  • see: indicates at disputes and infidelity, in particular for married, – big disappointment in the love,
  • several see: express the state of agonising unanswered love.

(European ones).:

  • fear of the self-undervaluing husband or lover,
  • see: Disappointments in love and marriage,
  • several see: stand for unanswered love or a run passport.


  • the big: Wealth can tempt the husband or the wife into the loyalty break.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Antlers

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