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Animals in a dream are a symbol of desires, instincts and passions, that is, everything that you try to suppress within yourself, because it is considered primitive.

Animals : Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Tamed animals warn of dangers, especially of the deceptions and cunning of others. It is then a signal to you not to be too gullible.


Sleep animals symbolize those aspects of your personality that can only be fully understood on an instinctive level.

Young animals personify children, so they can indicate that you are acting childish.

Injured young animals are a signal that you have a problem becoming more mature and taking care of your life as an adult.

A dream in which you eat animals indicates that you have some “demons” that you can only overcome if you go about it constructively.

Amazing animals, that is wise, with human qualities and even similar to God, are a symbol of innocence and wisdom, as well as tolerance and a signal for you to be more tolerant.

When you dream that you are protecting yourself from animals attacking you, it is a sign that you are fighting your animal instincts, which you consider to be evil and harmful. This dream, however, suggests that you are not necessarily right, so you should verify it.


Deformed animals – can symbolize your impulsive actions and daring deeds.

Additionally, each of the animals has its own separate symbolism.

animals symbolism

A monkey – is a symbol of infantility, childishness and can mean that this is how you are when you are awake – immature. The typical traits of a monkey are curiosity and malice. A monkey means that your life is teeming with curiosity, so you can constantly develop your knowledge and intellect.

Bear – is a symbol of the mother, but in a dream it can take many different forms. First of all, it symbolizes having influence. If it is male, it may indicate a father or some other overbearing person.

Chameleon – In a dream, it may indicate your or others’ ability to adapt to circumstances and change according to changing conditions.

Squirrel is a rich and active personality.

Lizard – in a dream, it represents instinctive action, as well as one-track thinking.

Unicorn – is a symbol of purity. Mythology says that the unicorn can only be seen by virgins and only they can ride it. In a dream, it signifies the return and rebirth of innocence, and it can also be an indication of self-control and greater selfishness.


Elephant – if you dream of an elephant, it is a sign that you are patient and stable, that you have good memory and mental clarity. This animal also means wisdom.

Frog – symbolizes the act of transformation, as he rises from a tadpole, and also becomes a prince in fairy tales. If it appears in your dream, it could mean that you are dreaming of turning something repulsive into something valuable.

Fox – in a dream means hypocrisy, cunning and cleverness.

Hare – symbolizes intuition, spiritual research, but also fear that may turn into madness in the future. It also symbolizes fertility, and due to its connection to the moon, it can also symbolize a priest as a magician and a male aspect, and a witch as an aspect of femininity.

Pets – These are passions that you can benefit greatly from, but only if you keep them in control.

Deer – deer live in highly hierarchical communities, so if this animal appears in your dream, it means that you recognize your place in the world. It is also a symbol of pride and a distinctive disposition.

Dog – means a trusting and faithful companion, but can also cause trouble.

Hyena – means moral decline, impurity and cunning.


Hedgehog – can represent evil and bad behavior, and signal that you are in a difficult situation that you can do little about.

Jaguar – its most important features are speed and balance. Hence, it symbolizes the balance between light and dark powers.

Kangaroo – this exotic animal is a symbol of motherhood, but it also shows your strength.

Rabbit – in a dream it is associated with fertility or with a deceptive personality. The white rabbit can show you the way to the inner spiritual world and serve as a guide in this context.

Cat – indicates sensitivity, femininity and often symbolizes female capriciousness. He is elegant and powerful, and overly proud.

Toad – is directly related to everything that is ugly in your life or behavior. However, the toad also points to the difference between earthly and spiritual values.

Panther / Leopard – represents cruelty, aggression and evil powers.

Leo – is a symbol of sublime, strength, courage and passion. If you dream that a lion is eating you, it is a signal that you have a disordered personality and this can be a great threat to you. The lion eating the lamb is a symbol of unity and compatibility of contrasts.


Lynx – it is indicated primarily by his penetrating gaze, which is why in a dream it often symbolizes objectivity.

Mole – Often symbolizes the powers of darkness, but can also be a sign of persistence that leads to success.

Mouse – the symbol is often its small size. Besides, a mouse can mean a lack of understanding.

Viper – it is well adapted to life on land and in water, so it can mean that you adapt easily to environmental conditions, and also symbolize feelings and imagination.

Horse – in a dream, it represents energy.

The white horse is a symbol of spiritual awareness, the brown one – of practicality and constancy, and the black one is a symbol of passion. A pale horse means death, and if you dream of a horse with wings, it means that you can overcome your earthly weaknesses and develop spiritually. The death of a horse is a sign of a weakening of your vitality, which may be related to too much pressure you feel. A horse pulling a cart is a sign that you are only interested in useful things. If a woman dreams that she has been kicked by a horse, this is a sign that she is dreaming of a relationship with a man. The pack horse often symbolizes the mother.

Rat – this animal symbolizes the disease and bad situation in which you find yourself. It is also a symbol of disfellowshipping and may indicate that you are waking up to disloyal friends or colleagues.

Reptiles – symbolize inhuman instincts, strangeness and destruction. They can mean that you feel fear but also excitement.


Cattle – A cow often means a woman, while an ox is a symbol of patience and signals to arm yourself with her and to sacrifice yourself for others. The bull in a dream is a symbol of fear and rage, and in a positive sense it is a symbol of sexual passion and creative power. Killing a bull in a dream is a sign that you must master your sexual urges.

animals dream meaning

Pests – This is a sign that you are over-thinking about something that does not matter.

Sheep – has a strong herd instinct, is helpless without a herd, also has a low intelligence and these are the key details for interpreting the dream in which this animal appears. It symbolizes fear, timidity, passivity, good character and simplicity.

The ram is a symbol of male strength and endurance, while the lamb is a symbol of innocence.

Jackal – this animal is associated with the cemetery, and therefore with death. It is also a symbol of purification and transformation.

Pig – is a symbol of ignorance, stupidity, self-centeredness and gluttony. It may indicate that you possess these qualities and you will not overcome them if you do not realize they exist. May indicate a conflict of needs and spiritual values. The piglet is a symbol of fertility, but also of destructive forces.

Tiger – symbolizes royalty, dignity and power. He is a creator and a destroyer at the same time.

Injured animals – This symbol may indicate that you are suffering emotional and spiritual wounds.


Prehistoric Animals – Mark traumas from the past, possibly from childhood, that are still causing you problems.

The whale – like a mammal that lives in water, shows the power of resurrection and rebirth.

Weasel – a symbol of slyness, energy and punishment.

Wild animals – usually mean danger, dangerous passions or dangerous people.

Vertebrates – the smaller vertebrates symbolize the unconscious, and the larger ones – the world of feelings.

Wolf – if this symbol appears in your dream, it is a sign that you are threatened by other people.

Zebra – has the same symbolism as the horse, but also means dynamics.

Goat – is a symbol of creative energy and male vitality. It can also mean the dark side of human nature, promiscuity and sexuality. If you dream of riding a goat, it means that you want to go from the dark to the light side. The goat can also symbolize Satan.


A being half human and half animal is a signal that you recognize your animal instincts, but are trying to transform them into one that is compatible with human nature.

Animal body parts – their interpretation is the same as that of human body parts. If four legs are particularly emphasized, it can, unlike an animal on three legs, symbolize the whole, a round, full personality with all four mind functions fully developed and in the spotlight.

meaning of ANIMALS

The meaning of ANIMALS sleep in other cultures and dream books:

Arabic dream interpretation:

Animal love is a sign that you have true friends.

Small animals like mice and birds are symbols of your little brothers and sisters or your traits and hidden desires.

Wild animals announce trouble at work and signal that you are dealing with difficult people.

Tamed animals are dubious returns.

When you hear animals talking with a human voice, it is a warning to you against harm caused by others. It could also be a sign that you know more than others.


Animal feed foretells you happiness and reciprocity in love.

When you see animals grazing in a dream, it means that you have faithful friends, and they also portend you happiness and satisfaction.

The abundance of animals is a sign that drastic changes are coming.

Floating animals is a sign that you should pay attention to your properties.

Guided animals are a signal that your enemy is moving ahead and ahead of you.

When you dream that you are well-disposed towards animals, it portends you a lot of happiness in the future and good professional contacts.

When you dream that you are hitting an animal, it means that you are a cowardly and deceitful person.

If you are tormenting an animal, you are a bad person.


By killing an animal, you are losing a friend.

Dead animals are a signal for you to change your relationships with people.

Grandma’s dream interpretation:

Wild tamed animals are a signal that you will act in an emergency.

Little animals symbolize your siblings.

When you dream that animals are leading you, it foreshadows that you will suffer losses as a result of the actions of your enemies.

Talking animals are a warning to you against people who can harm you.

Dead animals are a signal that you need to change your personal affairs.


Indian dream interpretation

tame animals is a symbol of jealousy.

Wild animals mean your affairs are a bit confusing.

Animals on fire if this symbol appears in your dream, it means you are being jealous of someone you love


What does it mean when you dream about Animals

Animals appear quite often in a dream. It is natural, they eventually became inseparable companions of people. It happens, however, that dreaming about animals causes anxiety, sometimes even horror. This does not mean that the symbolism of such night dreams should evoke unambiguously negative associations. How does the dream interpretation explain this? The animals that appear in our dreams may be a harbinger of misfortune, but often dreams involving them are positive. In order to accurately interpret the message of this motif, you need to focus on the context.

Dream interpretation: animals

Animals in dreams usually refer to the biological side of human nature – they express primal instincts (often simple and primitive), sometimes also refer to sexuality, passion and desire. Simply put, they express everything that is corporeal. It also happens that the animals appearing in dreams reflect the emotional needs felt by the dreamer.

These types of night dreams leave a lot of room for interpretation. It is extremely important what animal appears in a dream. The circumstances surrounding the leitmotif are equally important. It is completely understandable, especially as animals have always been accompanied by rich symbolism. We look for human features in their behavior and vice versa – in human activities we look for a reference to the animal kingdom. For example, an owl symbolizes wisdom, a snake – cunning. All of this can be translated into a dream world.

Wild animals in a dream

The dream of wild animals may be an expression of subconscious rebellion. The dreamer is against the imposed social norms and is averse to the gains of the civilized world. This specific manifestation of the subconscious mind is most often the result of an internal need to get closer to nature. In the era of universal rush, such dreams appear more and more often – many of us realize that the big city lifestyle has nothing to do with balance and harmony. This motive, especially if it appears frequently, should provoke reflection. Maybe it’s time to leave the “racing peloton” and reevaluate your life?


When analyzing a dream about wild animals, it is worth remembering as many details as possible, because it is in the details that all the symbolism of night dreams is contained. If you dream about an attack by wild animals, expect a grudge from the person you once refused to help. When you feed wild animals in a dream, the matter that kept you awake at night will be successfully resolved. The herd of wild animals, on the other hand, symbolizes interesting news and good news.

Pets in a dream

Pets often appear in dreams. This should not surprise anyone, after all, every animal that accompanies a man on a daily basis is his best friend. Projections of this type most often refer to the emotions felt by the dreamer and to his state of mind. Domesticated pets symbolize everything that makes us happy, sad and worried, but in many cases, they also indicate intimate needs.

A dream in which the dreamer is alone with the pet is an inner expression of a feeling of loneliness. People who dream this theme should ensure better contact with the environment. Perhaps it’s high time to find your significant other?

When you discipline or beat a pet in a dream, you need to reflect on how you show your affection. Most likely, you are not paying enough attention to the person you share your life with.

A dream in which you want to embrace or buy a pet means a deep need for love. It can also be an expression of a felt fear – the subconscious mind makes the dreamer understand that he is afraid of living alone.

Animal excrement

The dream of animal excrement may seem as strange as it is incomprehensible, but it is important to know that such a theme is often present in night projections. Its meaning can be positive or negative, and you need to focus on the details to find this out.

A dream in which we clean up our pet’s feces warns against hasty decisions. If you fall into animal waste in a dream, expect prosperity and the fulfillment of what you secretly dream about. The theme of getting dirty with animal excrements bodes well for a difficult time, which will ultimately translate into good changes. Whenever you see dog or cat droppings, think about the changes in your life. Otherwise, the routine will become unbearable. Cow droppings are bad omen. Seen in a dream, they portend loneliness and rejection.

Ticks on animals

Ticks on animals are a symbol that refers to the feelings that the dreamer has for his closest relatives. If these fear-inducing parasites appear on the dog, the dreamer does not trust his loved ones, even though they wish him well and support him in making decisions. In another interpretation, such a dream means that problems will arise in the immediate vicinity of the dreamer.


Ticks on a cat are a sign that the dreamer emphasizes his independence too much. As a result, he starts to turn away from others, which will cause serious problems in his life.

Death of an animal, dead animals

A dream in which we see the death of a pet or a dead animal cannot be counted as auspicious. Such a theme indicates impending problems. This could include declining health, business failure, or the breakdown of family ties. A dream about the death of animals can also symbolize the negative feelings that overwhelm the dreamer – anger, aggression and hatred.

It happens that night projections are extremely macabre – some dream a dream in which they eat carrion. This is another unfavorable omen, as it symbolizes a serious illness of a member of the closest family.

Fur animals

Much more positive associations are caused by the dream of fur animals, and rightly so. This is one of the most positive pet themes. It heralds a significant improvement in the material situation. If you dream of nice furries, don’t be afraid to invest. Your predictions will turn out to be accurate and every zloty invested will bring you profits. You can also expect that you will not miss a well-deserved promotion.

Little animals

Small animals, such as rodents or small birds, refer to the dreamer’s siblings and express an inner need to care for brothers and sisters. If small pets appear in your dream, it means that you can trust your friends. Each of them wishes you well. Perhaps there will be more difficult times in your life. In such a situation, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Friends will surely lend a helping hand to you.

Cruelty to Animals

If you have a dream in which you abuse animals, better be prepared to be criticized. There is a person in your environment who will soon point out all the mistakes you make and will not spare bitter words at the same time. Do not be offended because the charges brought against you will be fully justified. Instead of playing offended, think about your actions, learn for the future, and don’t make the same mistakes again.

Animals dream dictionary
Animals – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – natural, untamed, – freedom of the compulsions of the civilisation. Question: – Which part of me strives to express itself freely?

medicine wheel:

Key words: Basic nature, – instinctive nature, – support, – spiritually and physically feed, – the third creation empire. Description: The animal kingdom is looked as third in the order of the creation and is divided into four areas: in swimming, creeping, flying and the going one Animals. Animals live in bigger dependence than plants because they need the support of the plants as well as those of the elements and minerals to be able to survive, Nevertheless, they are again independent as the person who needs the help of the animals to protect the continued existence of his existence. General meaning: Old knowledge, – instinctive energy, – your basic nature, – the help which is required or is given. Transcendent meaning: A present in the form of help, knowledge, food, songs or other qualities.


In general:

Animals stand in general for desires, instincts, passions and desires, for everything this what one rejects as primitive, but may suppress not excessively. Tamed animals warn about dangers, in particular before deceptions and cunning. Speaking animals admonish to be less trust and loquaciously. Animals represent in dreams just those personality aspects which can be completely understood only at an instinctive level.

  • an animal with his boys is a symbol for motherly qualities and, hence, stands in general for the mother. Animal children show that the dreaming deals with his childish shares or maybe with children in his sphere. Injured animal children point out to the fact that the dreaming maybe notes his difficulties, to become riper or to position himself to the life.
  • a dream in which animals are eaten could turn on ‘demons’ which the dreaming creates himself and can overcome only if he ‘annexes’ them to himself constructively.
  • similar to God, speaking, awesome or wise animals or animals with human qualities make clear that animals are not aware of the power which they have created. They do not rebel against this power, and, hence, her wisdom is innocent and easy. It is important to draw the attention to this tolerant aspect of animals in fairy tale and dreams, because the dreaming must step with this part of itself in connection.
  • helpful animals stand for the kind how the subconsciousness produces helpful pictures from his depths. The animal figures make easy for the dreaming to accept this help. To kill an animal, the energy which has her origin in the instincts possibly destroys. To tame the animal or to make the benefit animal, shows the efforts of the dreaming to hold his instincts under control and to use them very productively and profitably.
  • addiction of the dreaming shelter from animals, while he takes a defensive position or runs away, shows this that he fights with the animal instincts which he holds in his life for menacing and damaging. He must argue with whether his reactions are measured.


Animals show energy fields from the depths of the soul and represent our desires and instincts. It is the animal in us that appears by animal symbols in the dream. Because we live in a society in which the game is suppressed more and more and is exterminated, it is very important that it at least still survives in our inside worlds. Everybody has dreamt absolutely already of a wild animal and, besides, has also felt his own wildness. Dreams of wild animals are to be seen as very positive, because in them our life energy expresses itself. If we dream against it of domesticated animals, these should be transformed with the day dream technology into wild animals. Domesticated animals refer to the fact that the game is accepted, not actually, but is played down. Animals in the dream also symbolise our feeling potential which expresses itself in the everyday life almost only in crisis situations to show us new possibilities. If we feel fury, hatred, jealousy and avarice in crisis situations, the wild animals who want to devour us appear in our dreams. These are those sides in us whom we might show as children neither, nor realise. The dream of a man who was left just by his wife is typical. Under the shock of the situation he dreamt of a wild tiger who wanted to eat him. When he lifted a stone to kill the tiger, he woke. The wild tiger symbolises here his wildness as well as aggressiveness which he might never show in the parental home without risking the disregard of his mother. His own vital masculinity remained engaged in the mother. With women a comparable situation enters if with crises her shares are released which they might not show in the parental home. These shares also appear with women often in wild animals who want to eat one or tear. To get back now shares, it is necessary not to kill them, but to look them exactly. This means that we should not kill such animals threatening us in the dream, but allow to live them. One proceeds with the help of the day dream technology again in his dream and kills or now does not chase away the wild animal, but comes along it like in the fairy tale to his assistant. Psychologically seen one integrates with it the shares which were bound to the parents. The animals appearing in the dream symbolise the natural side of the dreaming and point to his desire and instinct, as well as to his notions. In many fables or fairy tales as well as in the today’s caricatures and comics human sides are shown with animals. To be able to interpret closer an animal dream, it is advisable to read up under the respective animal symbols, Mostly a simile of our activities or our internal motives, our desires, our desires, our inhibitions. The symbol marks the basic instinct in us, the game, but also the tamed and, in addition, the human – Allzumenschliche. In the dream the person can find the way back instinct in the order of the creation. Animals in a herd or pack indicate, by the way that the dreamer is near to become a victim of his desires. If the dreaming depends to find out something about his urgent psychic needs, animals appear in the dreams which symbolise these needs. The following animals can be interpreted in this regard:

  • monkey: He stands for the infantile, childish and locked up side of the dreaming. Typical qualities of the monkey are Verschmitztheit, cheek and curiosity. As a rule they are evaluated as regressive trends. However, the inclination to lively curiosity assumes at least one big measure in presence of mind.
  • bear: The mother (see ‘family’) accepts many different forms in the dream. One of them is the bear. Above all he probably symbolises the possession-affecting, devouring mother or the mother with assistant’s syndrome. If the bear is to be put out in the dream as a male animal, he can be looked as a tip to an especially domineering person, possibly on the father.
  • chameleon: The dreaming recognises with himself or with other people the ability to adapt himself depending on the circumstances given by the surroundings and to change.
  • squirrel: It shows the personality shares of the dreaming, for the hoards is normally and erwünschenswert.
  • lizard: In the dream she represents an instinctive action or ‘single-track thinking’.
  • unicorn: It is a symbol of the cleanness. In the myth one says that the unicorn could be seen only by virgins and also might be taken only by them in possession. It shows the return and the revival of the innocence which is a condition for the dreaming to get on. It can be a tip be I and his selfishness to control.
  • elephant: The dreaming who sees an elephant in his dream recognises the qualities of patience, good memory, stability and exactness. In esoteric regard the elephant symbolises beaming and blossoming wisdom.
  • frog: He stands for a time or an act of the transformation. As well as in the fairy tale from the frog a prince becomes, something repellent also changes in the life of the dreaming into something valuable (see also ‘reptiles’).
  • fox: The fox in the dream stands for hypocrisy, cunning and cleverness.
  • hare: The hare emphasises intuition, spiritual examination and intuitive ‘jumps’. The intuition has maybe changed by fear or disregard in the past into madness. Because of his linking with the moon the hare can symbolise the priest / witch as an aspect of the femininity or the priest / magician as an aspect of the male (see ‘archetypes’) in the negative area. In the positive area the hare symbolises fertility.
  • domestic animals: If a dream from domesticated (to the domestic animal made) to animals acts, those personality shares with which he must come to an arrangement are aware to the dreaming. Passions exist which should be utilised controlled, although is to suppose that they were never also very horrific thus.
  • deer / pensioner: In deer and pensioner cookers rules a strict hierarchical structure. Hence, the dream symbol shows that the dreaming recognises his place in the world. The deer also symbolises pride and distinguished disposition.
  • dog: He would be able for a trusting and lasting companion, for a protector stand or, however, for a person of whom the dreaming does not get rid and which could maybe cause trouble. If it concerns a dog who belonged to the dreaming once or which he knew in a certain period of life, then this could draw the attention of him to this life phase with which maybe recollections associate themselves which could give explanation about the behaviour in the present. A dream of a hunter with dogs shows that the dreaming produces a connection with one of the female archetypes, to the amazon, (see ‘archetypes’). A dog who guards gates near a cemetery points in the dream to the guardian of the entrance to the underworld and to creatures who must be moved into sleep or be tamed, before admittance can be granted in the underworld.
  • Hyäne: She stands in the dream as a rule for impurity, Labilität and slyness.
  • hedgehog: He can represent bad and bad behaviour or to handle properly in the literal sense the inability of the dreaming, with a complicated situation.
  • Jaguar: His standing out qualities are a quickness and balance. Hence, he symbolises the force balance between dark and bright powers.
  • Känguruh: This nevertheless rather exotic animal stands often for maternity, but also for strength.
  • rabbit: A rabbit in a dream must be associated either with fertility, or, however, the swindler in the personality appears. A white rabbit could show the way to the internal spiritual world to the dreaming and serve in this manner as a leader.
  • cat: She produces the connection with the feline, sensitive side of the person (as a rule women) and often embodies the kapriziöse side of the femininity. The elegant and powerful, at the same time, however, also excessively selfundemanding aspect of women can be expressed in the dream also as a cat.
  • body parts of animals: Their interpretation is as that of human body parts (see ‘body’). If four legs are particularly emphasised – maybe in contrast to an animal with three legs – the whole, round personality with all four fully developed mind functions stands in the centre of the attention.
  • toad: She stands in direct connection with all what the dreaming in his life or in his behaviour finds ugly. However, ugliness rescues the strength of the growth and the conversion in itself. Herewith appearance in the dream at the same time toad and eagle, then the attention of the dreaming is drawn to the difference between earthly and spiritual values.
  • leopard: The leopard represents cruelty and aggression as well as the underhandedness wrong of used power.
  • lion: This animal stands for sublimity, strength and courage, and I and the passions tied up with it of the dreaming can also express it. If the dreaming with the lion fights, this one successful development registers, as long as the dreaming is not overpowered and the lion is not killed. A lion who eats a person is a tip to the fact that a side of the personality has got in mess and puts out to the dreaming as well as his sphere risks. A lion who lies with a lamb symbolises a unity or the compatibility of contrasts. Mind and instinct go against expectation hand to hand.
  • lynx: The quality which is associated, primarily, with the lynx is the sharp look. Hence, he shows in the dream often objectivity.
  • mole: Often the mole stands in the dream for the powers of the darkness. But he can also symbolise the blind perseverance which leads to success the dreaming.
  • mouse: By her low size the mouse becomes in the dream often the symbol. Besides, she can stand for Aufgewühltheit and lack of understanding.
  • deformed animals: The dreaming recognises that some his impulses are impertinent or repellent.
  • viper: The viper is equipped very well for the existence in the water and to deny for it, his living from the environment. Feeling and imagination could be the qualities about which it is for the dreaming in such a dream.
  • horse: It represents in the dream the energy which is available to the dreaming. A white horse shows the spiritual consciousness of the dreaming, – a brown one the rather practical and on the ground of the facts standing side and a black horse the passionate shares of the dreaming. A pale horse symbolises the death, and a horse with wings shows the ability of the soul to overcome the earthly. If the horse stands under stress or dies, exists a strong impairment of the dynamic forces which promote the dreaming under normal circumstances – maybe he has put under pressure himself in his life up to now too much. If the horse is curious before a cart, the dreaming deals maybe too much or exclusively with useful things. If a man dreams of a mare, this represents the Anima or the female (see ‘archetypes’). If the woman dreams, it would be kicked by a horse, this can point to the Animus or the respect with a man. A horse who fits by every door and tears down every obstacle is the collective shade which encloses those aspects of the personality which are suppressed by most people. The horse as a beast of burden often symbolises the mother (see ‘archetypes’). Nowadays the car has removed the horse in the dream as much as possible as a symbol (see ‘car’, ‘trip’).
  • rat: This animal symbolises the ill and questionable portion of the dreaming or the situation in which he is. She can also show a symbol for exclusion. Maybe the dreaming deals just with disloyal friends or colleagues.
  • reptiles and other Kaltblüter: fühllose, inhuman aspect of the instincts is often shown with reptiles and other Kaltblüter. They are valid as a rule as devastating and strange. If a dream of reptiles acts, this points out to the fact that the dreaming deals with the fear-exciting, lower side of his personality. Maybe he does not have them under control and could be devoured, hence, easily by them. Every person is afraid of the death or the death, but he must go through a change process to reincarnate.
  • cattle: The forever female, particularly in his motherly stamping (see ‘family’), is often symbolised by the cow, because she feeds her progeny also with milk like the person. However, the ox shows the ability, to be patient and to make sacrifice for others. The bull in the dream calls the negative side of the behaviour, as for example Destruktivität, fear or fury. In the positive sense one knows the bull as a symbol for sexual passion and creative strength. The homicide of a bull in the dream embodies the initiation in the adult’s world in which desires must be mastered.
  • pests: They show an enforced reflexion about something unnecessary or about something what has penetrated into the dreaming.
  • sheep: It is strongly associated with his herd instinct, and this interpretation is also appropriate with most dreaming. The helplessness of the sheep separate by the herd and the obviously low intelligence of these animals are other doubt-worth aspects. With sheep typically related qualities like fear of God, passiveness, good nature and simplicity could also matter in the dream connection. If in the dream a sheep with a wolf or a sheep with a goat seems, the dreaming should recognise the conflict between property and Nastily. The Schafbock is a symbol of male power and strength. The lamb symbolises innocence.
  • jackal: This animal is associated with the cemetery and, therefore, with the death. Moreover, as a scavenger it is a symbol of the cleaning. In esoteric regard it is the servant of the reshaping who leads the soul of the earth in the light.
  • queue: It is a universal symbol, can be male or female and symbolise death, destruction, wrong life and also Verjüngung. She shows the instinctive being and potential energy. If the power of the instinctive being has understood and has been utilised, the dreaming comes to harmony with his sexuality and sensuousness, and he can use the higher, spiritual energy which is accessible to him then. In the dream of a man a queue can appear if he has the female or instinctive shares in himself not recognised or if he doubt about his masculinity. In the dream of a woman the queue can point to the fact that she is afraid of sexuality or sometimes of her own ability to entice others. Because she stands in connection with the paradise, the queue is the symbol for ambiguity, cunning and temptation. Dreams of queues seem when the dreaming tries to deal with his instinct-escorted Independently. This stands without fail in connection with the knowledge about the existence of the sexual energy and her use and both was suppressed up to now and was thwarted. The sexuality is the desire which farthest hands back to the primeval times, and the symbol queue consequently also the oldest picture accessible to the person. One around the body or a limb tied queue points to Gebanntheit, maybe on enslavement by passions. Queues or worms who creep from the mouth of a corpse sometimes represent the sexual act (the ‘small death’), but they can also symbolise the rule of the dreaming about his desire. A queue in the grass symbolises disloyalty, deception and bad person. A queue who bites in the tail represents perfection and the unity of material and spiritual. To be eaten by a queue, points the need and the ability to return to the original and to leave behind the view of time and space. Because queues of a lower life form belong and are sometimes also toxic, one has associated them with the death and all what the person is afraid. A queue who writhes around a stick points out to the fact that the dreaming who has already reconciled his contradicting personality shares with each other releases unaware forces which create healing, rebirth and renewal (see also ‘Äskulapstab’). This symbolic representation expresses at the same time also the basic form of the DNA, the ‘basic element’ of the life. The colours of the queues can contribute to bigger understanding of the meaning of the dream (see ‘colors’).
  • pig: In the western faith the pig stands for ignorance, stupidity, own addiction and gluttony. Even of the dreaming recognises maybe bit by bit his disagreeable qualities. Without this knowledge these personality shares cannot be overcome and be mastered. Pigs and jewellery indicate a conflict lower needs and spiritual values. Big piglet’s throws can represent fertility, even if sometimes in dissatisfactory manner, because the mother’s sow can also carry very devastating qualities in herself. The boar shows the archetypal male head and, hence, symbolises the negative Animus in the dream of a woman. The dreaming possibly flees before a discussion which should be challenged more daringly and be concerned.
  • seal: The dream of this animal indicates that the dreaming one is with the element in which he lives.
  • tiger: He symbolises majesty, dignity and power, – he is a creator and destroyer equally.
  • monster: A not understandable fear which climbs up as a rule from the inside is shown in the dream often with monster and dragon. The devouring monster can show the knowledge in the dream that the humanity will rise, after all, again in a bigger whole. If the dreaming about the monster stands, he can master his fear of the death and use his strength maybe to his own use. To the monster to cut out the heart or another vital organ or to light a fire in him, shows the fight against the dark powers of the underworld.
  • uncanny animals: Every menace by animals points to fears and doubts which the dreaming looks after with regard to his ability to be able to handle with irritations by the unconscious if it stirs.
  • injured animals: The dreaming maybe suffers from emotional or spiritual wounds.
  • conversion in animals: The conversion of the dreaming or other people in animals or vice versa shows the potential for change in all possible situations.
  • prehistoric animals: A trauma from the past, maybe from the childhood, possibly causes difficulties.
  • whales: Because the whale is a mammal who lives in the water, he shows the strength of the resurrection and the rebirth.
  • weasel: In the traditional dream interpretation it is seen as a symbol for slyness and criminal energy.
  • wild animals: Ordinarily they stand for danger, dangerous passions or dangerous people. A devastating strength appears from the unconscious and threatens the security of the person. In the dream indicates to tame wild animals that the dreaming has maybe come with his wild side to the pure one.
  • vertebrates: Animals with spine help the dreaming to understand better the qualities which are tied together with these animals. The smaller and niedereren orders of the vertebrates symbolise the unconscious, the higher orders the feeling world.
  • Wolf: If one of wolves – is this a single animal or a whole herd – dreams, this can point to the fact that the dreaming of other people feels threatened.
  • zebra: This animal has to hold the same symbolism like the horse, but, in addition, the meaning, of negative and positive very dynamically in the balance.
  • goat: To dream of a goat means creative energy and male vitality. The goat can also represent the dark side of the human being, promiscuity (mixture, indiscriminate sexual intercourse without durable connection) and sexuality. Indicates to ride on a goat that the dreaming tries to come with his respect with the dark side of his being to the pure one. The goat can also represent the devil.
  • compound animals: If one dreams of living being which consist of several animals, this can be a tip to the fact that confusion rules over which qualities should be trained for certain situations. The different characteristic features of the respective animals of whom the living being consists in the dream must be taken up and be integrated, or, however, in a dream figure several potential possibilities of development are expressed. If the living being exists half of it of animal and half of it of person, the dreaming recognises bit by bit his animal instincts and transforms them to a human picture.


With wild animals is to be fought for arms of good premeaning, – he will be able to grant maintenance to many people. Since the animal fighter feeds the animals with his meat. The infringements of people which resemble the concerning animals in the being threaten a prosperous man against it. The dream experience illness announced many, – then an illness consumes to equally tearing animals the bodies. However, slaves attain the freedom if they die by wild animals.



  • love: you will have real friends, –
  • small animals like mice, birds etc. can be symbols for younger brothers and sisters, –

own traits and concealed desires, – betray to us

  • big animals
  • wild ones: Difficulties in the occupation, – also: you deal with difficult people, –
  • tame: doubtful profit, –
  • hear talking: Warning of Übervorteilung and damage by others, – also: you know more than some other, –
  • feed: Luck, – also: your love is answered, –
  • stuffed ones: an arrogant danger disturbs you, – also: you hang on dear recollections, –
  • see grazing: you have loyal friends, – luck and satisfaction, –
  • see in a huge number: drastic changes announce themselves, –
  • float: pay attention to your property, –
  • are pursued by them: an enemy goes forward behind the back against, –
  • have a good relation to them: one will have in future a lot of luck and have a contact, –

concerning difficult situations always

  • hit: you are cowardly and underhand, –
  • torment: you are a bad person, –
  • kill: you lose your best friends, –
  • dead ones: Tip to change of the personal relations.

(European ones).:

  • intercalation of own animal desires or propelling wishes in the dream life, –
  • promise in In general a bad situation, – the character of every single animal is decisive for the interpretation of the dream, –
  • many wild and tame ones: one will proceed in danger, –
  • small ones see: sometimes symbol for young little brothers and sisters, –
  • feed: meant luck and wealth, –
  • are pursued by them: Damage by enemies, –
  • speaking ones: not to let damage a warning, themselves from others or to let do down, –
  • dead ones see: Changes in the personal relations are indicated.


  • tame: Envy, –
  • hear talking: not be too frank, –
  • wild ones: your shops are a little bit muddled.

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