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Acorns are seeds, so in a dream they are a symbol of your strength and perseverance. They can also mean a new beginning in life.

Dream meaning acorn

The dream about acorns indicates the fact that by the method of small steps you can achieve great success. Since acorns appear only in autumn, it means a collection of ideas, collecting them and storing them, as they thrive in dormancy.


This symbol indicates the need for caution when making plans, but clearly indicates that you need to follow through. The acorn can also sometimes signify experiences that will have a significant impact on your life.

It can also signify poverty, as acorns used to be used in dishes in poor families. The fruit of the oak tree can also symbolize the unwavering loyalty of another person on whom you count heavily.

In spiritual symbolism, acorns symbolize life, fertility and immortality, as well as androgyny.

Meaning of the dream acorns in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Arabic Dreambook

Motionless acorns on a tree is a sign that your success will increase.

If you collect acorns in your dream, it heralds an unexpected profit or a reward for your nervousness.


Mystic Dreambook

  • Green acorns are a reservation about your dreams, for older people they promise honors, as well as all kinds of pleasures and large profits.
  • If you see acorns, it foretells that you will have to try very hard to get out of a difficult situation.
  • Green acorns found on a tree or lying on the ground foretell an improvement in your situation.
  • Picking green acorns from a tree foretells that you will spoil your own business through haste and indiscretion.
  • Picking acorns heralds you strength, health and good fortune, as well as a large profit that will accrue to you unfairly. It can signify an inheritance or good fortune that comes from outside.
  • When you collect acorns from the ground, it heralds the achievement of benefits for you.
  • Trees full of acorns are a sign that you will miss out on a good deal or make a gaffe.
  • Spoiled or shriveled acorns foretell disappointments and rejections for you.
  • If in a dream you give acorns to pigs to eat, it foretells that you will soon experience happiness.
  • Shaking acorns from the tree foretells the fulfillment of your wishes in business or the rapid arrival at the next appointed point in life.
  • This motif foretells affection in the Indian Dreambook, and may also herald the help of a good person, thanks to whom your success will increase unexpectedly.
dream about acorn

Dream about accorn

Acorns in a dream symbolize strength and permanence; seemingly small things have enormous potential, so don’t underestimate any ideas of your own. A dream about acorns may also indicate an upcoming new stage in your life. Acorns in dreams herald profits for the dreamer. According to the Dreambook, they indicate that in the next stage of your life you will be successful, which will give you a good reputation. The message that comes from the dream says that you should be careful not to get lazy, but live an old reputation.

Meaning of the dream acorns

The sight of acorns in dreams has long been associated with happiness and longevity. Collecting acorns according to the Dreambook is a message not to give up too easily on the ideas that come your way.

Splitting acorns in dreams heralds that you will reap numerous benefits in life.

Collecting acorns

A dream about collecting acorns is a sign that you will blindly follow unrealistic-to-fulfill dreams in life. Perhaps this is because you like to challenge yourself and fight for what others can only dream of. Although you sometimes like to complicate your life, for no reason at all, you are not content with trifles. If you dream that you are picking acorns from the ground, it means that after hard work you will achieve success. You are likely to invest a lot in your education or work, so achieving good results will become inevitable. You will take a short break in your professional life, after which you will continue your mission from where you left off.

Dream about shaking acorns from a tree

If you shake acorns from trees in your dreams, then it symbolizes perseverance in love. Your feelings will prove resilient to all kinds of falls, because in the name of love you will do everything to spend the rest of your life with your loved one. In another sense, a dream about shaking acorns means that someone will begin to have a great influence on you. Alternatively, the dream augurs successful ventures.

Dream about planting acorns

If in a dream you plant acorns, then it is a sign that your efforts will be futile. You will also find it difficult to accept the fact that a certain person will treat you badly. However, by doing everything to make it otherwise you will only expose yourself to a bad reputation.

Falling acorns

A dream about falling acorns from a tree augurs disappointments in life for the dreamer. The man you consider your greatest authority will reveal his dark side of nature. If you even realize that you made a mistake, idolizing this person, then over time it will be more difficult for you to accept the fact that you will never again see her in the same light as before.

Eating acorns

The dream about eating acorns indicates that your health problems will make you start paying special attention to your diet. And although you will have the urge to break once established rules, you will realize that you would not be doing anyone a favor with such behavior. If in a dream you see someone else eating acorns, it means that someone envies your appearance.


Dream about selling acorns

Selling acorns in a dream augurs an additional source of income. You may have to take up several jobs at once in order to make a decent livelihood for yourself and your family. However, you will not complain, because you know that no one will give you money on a plate.

Dream about trampling acorns

Trampling acorns in a dream heralds that you will let minor obstacles discourage you from achieving your desired goal. You will face a great challenge, but it will not significantly affect your motivation to take the necessary action. Dreambook reveals that trampled acorns are a sign that through your perseverance and patience you will achieve what you want in life.

Dream about being thrown with acorns

If you dream that you are throwing acorns with someone, it is most likely that one of your family members will accuse you of lacking independence and an adult attitude. Perhaps you have stopped dreaming about your path to success and are not thinking about your future. Dreambook says that your loved ones want you to finally grow up and start living independently.

Crushed acorns

A dream about crushed acorns means that the next period in your life will be extremely favorable when it comes to business. You will have the opportunity to prove yourself to the best of your potential. Remember the good things about cooperating with other people. If someone has offered you business cooperation, don’t turn it down before you analyze what you can gain or lose from it.

Dream about unripe acorns

Green and unripe acorns in dreams suggest that the success you dream of will not come overnight. You will have to invest a lot of time and effort in your idea and stick to the plan to get the first positive results. Do not be discouraged by this, but keep your goal in mind at all times.

Dream about feeding animals with acorns

Feeding animals with acorns in a dream announces cheerful moments in life. In another meaning of the dream we can find a reference that soon on your way you will meet an influential person who will help you solve a complicated problem.

acorn dream symbol

What does it mean to dream about acorn?

Unrealized potential, growth, and the possibility of new beginnings. The small acorn seed holds within it the potential to grow into a mighty oak tree, just as our dreams and aspirations hold the potential to bring forth new and exciting possibilities. When we dream about acorns, we may be exploring our own potential and considering the possibilities that lie ahead.

Dreaming about acorns may also symbolize abundance, prosperity, and fertility. In many cultures, acorns have been seen as a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and they were often gathered and stored as a source of food during lean times. When we dream about acorns, we may be considering our own abundance and prosperity, and exploring the ways in which we can cultivate and grow our resources.


Acorns can also represent wisdom, knowledge, and growth in our understanding of the world. In ancient times, acorns were seen as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge, as the mighty oak tree is associated with strength, stability, and wisdom. When we dream about acorns, we may be considering our own growth and development, and exploring the ways in which we can cultivate our own wisdom and knowledge.

Dreams about acorns can also be related to the natural cycle of life, death, and rebirth. The acorn seed falls from the tree and dies, only to be reborn as a new tree. In this way, the acorn symbolizes the cycle of life, death, and rebirth, and the ongoing process of growth and transformation. When we dream about acorns, we may be exploring our own relationship with this cycle, and considering the ways in which we can grow, evolve, and be reborn.

In some cases, dreams about acorns may be related to feelings of insecurity, fear, and self-doubt. The small size of the acorn may symbolize feelings of insignificance, and the fear that our dreams and aspirations will never come to fruition. When we dream about acorns, we may be exploring these feelings and working to overcome our fears and doubts in order to bring our aspirations to life.

Finally, dreams about acorns may also be related to the idea of nurturing and caretaking. The acorn seed needs the right environment, resources, and care in order to grow and thrive. In the same way, our own dreams and aspirations require our attention, care, and support in order to take root and flourish. When we dream about acorns, we may be considering the ways in which we can nurture and care for our own aspirations, and exploring the resources and support we need in order to bring our dreams to life.

Overall, dreaming about acorns can be a rich and complex experience, offering insights into our potential, growth, and new beginnings, as well as our fears, doubts, and aspirations. Whether we are considering our own personal growth, exploring the cycle of life, or nurturing our dreams, these dreams can offer valuable insights into our inner world and help us to navigate the challenges and opportunities of our waking life.


Acorn dream dictionary
Acorn – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Key words: Bursting out strength, – hope. Description: Acorns as the fruits of the oak are nutritious really if one prepares them properly. The acorns of some oaken kinds are able raw, others must be eaten for several hours in fluent water be soaked or be cooked longer time. Sun Bear gave the advice to hang them in a net in the water container of the toilet, with it the rinsing soaking anxiously. General meaning: The seed of your own strength, – your perseverance, – a new beginning in your life. Association: Part of the male limb. Transcendent meaning: Perseverance, – the present of the strength.


To dream of acorns, points to the fact that from small beginnings an immense growth process originates. Because acorns are to be found only in autumn, it is maybe necessary to harvest the ideas or to gather and to store them then well, so that they can develop in rest. Eichel (fruit of the oak) can contain everything in the germ for which the full-grown oaken tree stands, – then the symbol often asks to take care more of these qualities, however, can also register that one is about to realise them. The seed of the oak stands for the germinating life, for a new beginning with low means. The acorn can sometimes also mark an experience which will have considerable influence on the other life. Old dream books interpret them partly still in the following sense: Eichel can see to announce need and poverty, – this is probably to be explained with of the fact that in poor families earlier only Eichelkaffe was drunk. The acorn sometimes symbolises also the steadfast loyalty of another person on whom one can completely count with his own intentions.


Acorns symbolise life, fertility and immortality. In addition, they stand for the androgynous.




  • Your property will grow rise your success.
  • pick up: unexpected profit or salary with annoyance.

(European ones).:

  • greens, with branch: mean serious advertisement for the dreaming, to old people they promise honour, – pleasant things and big profits,
  • look: one will have to exert himself very much to come out of a difficult situation,
  • greens acorns in the tree or scatters on the ground: announce an improvement of the matters,
  • greens from the tree pick: own interests by haste and indiscretion injure,
  • collect: meant big unfair profit, but always strength, health, luck etc.,-also: Inheritance or a piece of luck which comes from the outside, – also: announces financial success for which one must exert himself, however, considerably,
  • who picks up acorns of the ground, bends with pleasure the back to attain advantages,
  • of the tree see falling: one will miss a good business or commit a clumsiness,

in other regard

  • decayed or dried up: if bring disappointments and refusal,
  • give to the pigs as a feed: points to a happy experience,
  • If a woman she eats, then it is carried by a labour-intensive place on a quiet and pleasant post. If they are shaken by the tree, your wishes come true in the commercial life or dear life fast.


  • the honesty of a good person will help you to the success and you will unexpectedly climb.
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