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Dreams in which you lose part of your own body through amputation, which happen frequently, usually leave you with a feeling of great loss.

This can mean a loss of opportunity, energy or the loss of something you’ve been missing. Separation of a limb is also sometimes interpreted as having an erotic dimension and signifying fear of castration, but it can also mean fear of losing a loved one.


In interpreting such a dream, first of all, you need to pay attention to which limbs were amputated.

Dream meaning amputation

  • If you dream of the amputation of one or more limbs, it means that you are afraid of losing a part of yourself in connection with the cutting off of something that you need to suppress in yourself.
  • Amputation of legs and feet can draw your attention to the fact that something is making you uncomfortable and making your life difficult.
  • The loss of a leg can also mean a restriction on your freedom of movement, such as the inability to travel.
  • Amputation of a hand is a sign that you are denying yourself the right to do something.
  • Losing your right arm is a sign that you have recently lost a friend and a person you could count on. It can also mean that on the surface you do not have enough freedom of action to secure and protect your person.
  • Finger amputation indicates a lack of affection.
  • In the dream of women, the motif of breast amputation often appears, which is an expression of fear that a man does not have feelings, but only desire.
  • Such a dream also often occurs before menopause. In a man’s dream, on the other hand, castration represents a loss of strength.
  • The loss of the head has to do with love, for which the head is metaphorically lost.
  • Amputation in a dream not only warns of dangerous losses. It can also mean a painful experience in life, which will be difficult to get over.

Meaning of the dream AMPUTATION in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Mystic Dreambook:

  • If a businessman dreams that he has lost small limbs, it heralds him a small loss.
  • When a businessman dreams of losing an entire leg or arm, it heralds a serious setback in his business.
  • In a sailor’s dream, amputation signifies storms and the threat of loss of possessions.
  • In a woman’s dream, amputation foretells separation from a loved one.
  • When you see your arm or leg amputated, it is a signal that you should separate something on a spiritual level.
  • If you agree to be an amputee, it means that the time is imminent to separate from some person or to push away some thing.
  • If you feel grief over an amputation, it foretells you of involuntary separations and losses.
  • When you dream that you have to undergo an amputation, it means that you will have to part with a loved one.
  • Amputation of hands means that you have a limited scope of action or your actions are insufficient.
  • Amputation of legs is a signal for you not to run away from real life.

Arabic Dreambook:

  • When you dream that you have lost several limbs, it means separation and loss of a loved one.
  • If you agree to an amputation, it is a symbol of a reasonable removal of a person or fact from your life.
  • When you don’t agree to amputation, it symbolizes the fear of separation and sacrifice that you live.
amputation dream symbol

Amputation dream

No one would like to amputate their limbs, but such a situation sometimes appears in dreams.

Sometimes it can also be a sign of changing one’s personality, or making fundamental changes in life.

Amputation means cutting off or removing something already unwanted, unnecessary, unhealthy, often causing trouble.

An amputated leg, on the other hand, symbolizes that you may soon be experiencing a crisis of faith in what, you are doing, and most likely you will be overwhelmed by doubt you will no longer be sure of your reasons and will wonder if your action definitely makes sense.

The change in life resulting from the amputation dream can also be an illness or family problems. Sometimes amputation also indicates sacrifices. In general, it is a bad omen, because it usually means that you will have some material losses.


A dream about missing a limb can mean that something has a very strong influence on you in a spiritual sense. If this happens, it can be a warning of things to come, so you need to be very careful and try to find the answer to every question.

If you do not free yourself from its influence, you will never be able to achieve your dream goal. Through this motive, your subconscious can also signal to you that you should firmly cut yourself off from something.

However, you will find a positive answer and a way out of all problems. Therefore, we should seriously reconsider our life so far, so that our actions do not bring us losses.

Perhaps you should give up some addiction or cut off contacts with some energy vampire, or maybe end a toxic relationship.

If you dream of an amputated hand, it means that there is an issue in your life or a person who in some way paralyzes you and prevents you from effective action.Amputation does not mean disaster, but it means a definite end to something important in your life.

It may indicate a serious or crisis situation that needs to be addressed and definitely resolved. A dream about the loss of any body part is usually a warning.

In a woman’s dream, an amputation may just foreshadow a separation from some loved one, which after some time will turn out to be beneficial for her. It can also herald the death of someone close in the family and warn of setbacks and troubles stemming from quarrels and feuds in the family circle.

It is usually a harbinger of separation or extinction of feelings.


A dream about an amputation is a strong harbinger of problems at work, and therefore economic difficulties. This dream is also an invitation to move away from people who are close to you only for money.

A dream about amputation of an arm has to do with work and can mean unemployment or a series of economic losses.

The dream may mean that you are losing something that may have had some value to you. Consider whether there is something or someone in your life that is affecting you badly.

It can be interpreted as a serious problem in your current relationship, so you need to pay more attention to the person you love to avoid these difficulties.

In this way, your subconscious can warn you, for example, of obstacles that will soon appear in your path, as a result of which you will not be able to continue to move towards your goal.

Amputation is a violent act, often performed in field conditions, subject to an element of risk.

It is also an opportunity to find those people who pretend to be friends, but behind your back start attacking you. Amputation refers to sexual dreams.

If, on the other hand, you dream that you see a man with an amputated limb of some kind, it means that you will soon be faced with the need to make an important decision that will have a huge impact on your entire future life.


Meaning of the dream amputation

Amputation of the head

has to do with love, for which the head is metaphorically lost, amputation in a dream not only warns about dangerous losses, it can also mean a painful experience in life, which will be difficult to get over.

To have one’s own limbs amputated

untapped talents and permanent losses, feelings of frustration and helplessness, it means that you are afraid of losing a part of yourself due to cutting yourself off from something you need to suppress within yourself.

Amputation of legs

the dream signifies restrictions that prevent your progress, something may keep you from something, it may draw your attention to the fact that something is restraining you and making your life difficult.

You agree to amputation

is a symbol of a reasonable removal of some person or fact from your life.


Losing your right hand

is a sign that you have recently lost a friend and a person you could count on.

Breast amputation

being an expression of concern that a man does not have feelings, but only desire.

You do not agree with the amputation

symbolizes the fear of separation and sacrifice that you have been living.

Amputation in a woman’s dream

is a harbinger of separation from a loved one, breaking off an engagement.


Amputation of hands

lack of motivation in life, powerlessness to do something.

Fear of amputation

The inability to accept newness.

To be after amputation

imminent changes in life.

Amputation - Dream Symbol Interpretation

Amputation – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Zerstückelung. Question: – What must I tear apart to be able to be whole?


If a dream of the amputation of single or several limbs acts, thus the dreaming risks or fears losing a part of itself, while this is ‘cut off’ to him or is suppressed by him. The dreams in which one loses own body part by amputation (a frequent dream!) leave a strong loss feeling. An ability, power or quality gets lost or something what lies to the dreaming with the heart. A process of experience was suddenly finished by the dreaming. The psychoanalysts of old school see separating from limbs mostly erotic sexüll as castration fear, every now and then, however, also as a paraphrase for the quick separation of a beloved person. In modern view one should follow which limbs were separated. Amputated feet or legs can point out to the fact that something restraining hinders our life, it to the dreaming in possibilities is absent to develop or be he mental or spiritual pivot leg has lost. The loss of a leg signals maybe also the restriction of the freedom of movement, e.g., because of an unfulfilled travel wish or the need to call off a trip. If one dreams of amputating an arm or a leg to another, then this can be understood as a tip to the fact that one arranges the right to the self-printout to this person. If one has lost recently a colleague or friend on whom one counted, one maybe dreams of the loss of the right hand. The amputation of arms or hands is often dreamt after the death of the partner if the loss is felt thus as if one was not capable of surviving alone. The absence of a hand probably also says that the dreamer does not have enough freedom of action in the guard. Who loses finger and is drawn the attention with it a part of the sense of touch, to lacking feeling. The women who are cheated by her man or are left often dream the amputation of a breast – as an expression of her fear of being desirable erotically no more. A very frequent dream before a separation appointment or at the beginning of the climacteric (menopause). With a man a castration dream will hang together absolutely with power loss. Who is decapitated in the dream, runs the risk to lose his head in the guard also what can give, for example, also an instruction to a certain rash in the love relationships. On this occasion, the whole dream action must be incorporated in the interpretation. From meaning with amputation dreams is always by which fact or which person, the dreaming a body part has lost. Amputation warns not only about menacing losses. Further is to be thought in a painful incision in the usual life in which one must surrender a lot.



The distortion of the perfect.



  • of some own limbs: stands for separation and loss of a beloved person,
  • agree themselves to one: sensible separation of a person or a life fact,
  • decline: Fear of renunciation and separation.

(European ones).:

  • for businessmen – from smaller limbs: small professional losses,
  • for businessmen – from whole legs or arms: if a serious commercial stagnation,
  • prophesies

  • for sailors: Storm and loss of the having,
  • for women: Separation of object of love, – from beloved person,
  • see how a hand or a leg is amputated: points to a separation of mental kind,
  • agree to the events: a necessary separation of a person, thing or opinion approaches,
  • regret or decline: involuntary separation and losses approach,
  • must undergo one: a separation of a beloved person approaches,
  • of own hand: the scope of action is limited, or one gives other not enough,
  • of own leg: one can or should not flee any more, – one is on the wrong life.

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