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Altar – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Holiness, – victim. Question: – What do I revere? Would like I to give up something?


At the psychological level the altar is a symbol for the voluntary or enforced sacrifice of the dreaming. The act of the Opferns or Heiligens must take place in public, so that it is properly recognised. In the dream he also shows the means or the need to free himself for something what is more important than the immediate situation. As a rule an altar represents religious faith and ideals which one would like to defend. It is the board, in the communion practises and will find out togetherness. This symbol is a tip to the separation of material and spiritual sphere often, nevertheless, also. If a religious person dreams of an imperial-decorated altar, he feels him as the shelter site in which he can strengthen himself emotionally. Without religious relation altar symbols are valid as a tip to a spiritual higher development, on a (positive) change of heart, internal maturity, sense of responsibility or the reverence for the life.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Altar


An expression of thanks directed in the divine.



  • see: happy future, – happy marriage, – an enterprise will succeed in close future, – (43, 71)
  • stand before it or kneel: glad experiences in view, a confidential wish comes true to you,
  • somebody see kneeling before it: that which you see there needs your help,
  • burning candles stand on it: a sedate aim is achieved certainly,

(European ones).:

  • to easy ones see: an enterprise will succeed in close future,
  • with flowers to decorated ones see: if a baptism, wedding or happy family event promises,
  • with white lilies: Death and burial of a friend,
  • with burning candles: a certain plan will succeed,
  • kneel before it: promises serious griefs, but higher help is given, – also: Now humility would be helpful to solve an upcoming problem,
  • in magic lighting: Consolation and success,
  • decorate: happy events and luck for,
  • sacrifice even in one: one should sacrifice for his work not the family and friends, otherwise one day one stands there completely alone, – one goes to himself and considers whether the career is really the most important in the life,
  • priests in the altar see: Quarrel and bad conditions in the occupation and at home,
  • experience wedding: Friends prepare worries for you, and there die old people.


  • is careful, something will occur in the next time which could bring you damage,
  • kneel before him: your wish will come true,
  • people before it see kneeling: somebody needs your help,
  • stands by him and does not pass heartlessly.

Altar - dream interpretation and meaning
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