This instrument, typical of folk music, is an important symbol of spontaneous enjoyment of life, occasions for enjoyment, even without reason, and good living with loved ones.

Such a dream heralds the sleeping person the resolution of unexplained interests hanging over his head.


Dream meaning accordion

  • Playing the harmonium or listening to it play signifies a joyful and festive event. You can expect an invitation to a wedding.
  • When in a dream you buy a harmony or accordion, it is possible that you need rest and respite. You need to relax and distance yourself from the issues you are tormented by.
  • When in your dream you hear a virtuoso playing the harmonium or accordion, it means that you will masterfully cope with the pile of things that will fall on your head.

Meaning of the dream HARMONY, ACORDEON in other cultures and Dreambooks:

Mystic Dreambook Accordion

  • When in a dream a harmony is in your house, it foreshadows that you will soon throw a party.
  • When you play a harmony in your dream, it is a sign that you will soon be the host at a lavish party.
  • If you buy one in your dream, it means that you lack time for yourself.
  • If you hear a harmony in your dream, it’s a sign that your long-standing dispute with friends will finally find a solution.

Dream about Accordion

The accordion is a musical instrument that emits pleasant sounds.

There will come a time of fun after a very sad period and it is worth taking advantage of it.

To hear an accordion in a dream means a happy reunion in a friendly group, a return to memories from years ago when everything seemed more colorful.

The melodies are often very beautiful and flow unhurriedly, so it helps to calm down and relax. accordion.

This dream usually bodes well if the music is harmonious. Playing the accordion in a dream means that hot feelings are awakening in you and you will fall in love for the kill in the near future, it can also mean difficulties on the way to your goal, and achieving them will require a lot of effort from you and will be postponed.


The sight in a dream of a musician playing the accordion is a positive omen, heralding the arrival of happy times, full of joy and smiles.

If we dream about a woman who plays the accordion, it means that we will suddenly and very directly find love.

Many people, including children, learn to play it.

Listening to the sound while dreaming is, in most cases, in itself a prediction of pleasant events, as in this case. Therefore, a dream about an accordion means that times of peace are coming and you don’t have to worry about anything.

This instrument, typical of folk music, is an important symbol of spontaneous joy of life, occasions of enjoyment, even without reason, as well as good living with loved ones. We may fall in love with someone who is close to us.

Accordion dream dictionary
Accordion – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Meaning of the dream accordion

Listening to the playing of the accordion

signifies a joyful and festive event, you can expect to be invited to a wedding, you will spend joyful moments in pleasant company, a joyful period ahead of you.

To play the accordion


you will have to work hard to achieve your goal, it signifies success, which will require your double work.

Broken accordion

you will be depressed, to remedy this you should focus on more joyful things.

Hear false accordion sounds

you should get yourself examined as soon as possible, as some kind of disease is developing in your body.

Gypsy plays accordion

Don’t trust people claiming to be all kinds of experts and experts.

Accordionist playing cheerful music


A positive sign meaning happiness and joy, good fortune will befall you.

Accordionist playing sad music

expect pleasant news soon.

Accordionist falsifying

good luck in the lottery or games of chance.

Seeing an accordion

you will easily overcome all obstacles.

A woman playing the accordion


Good luck in love.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Accordion

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