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Autopsy – post-mortem examination, in a dreamlike reality, draws our attention to break down our behavior into prime factors to understand our attitude. Only in this way can you understand each stage of the formation of your own emotions and come closer to understanding yourself …

Dream meaning Autopsy

dream autopsy

An autopsy in a dream indicates difficulties in business. If the dreamer performs an autopsy, insurmountable obstacles will arise. On the other hand, if the dreamer is undergoing an autopsy, it means that the ruin will come soon.


The dream of witnessing a friend’s autopsy suggests that our romantic relationships may be affected by a lack of sincerity.

This dream is an invitation to pay more attention to relationships with friends and family, as the sense of security may be false. If, on the other hand, the autopsy we witness is the autopsy of the enemy, it means that our feelings towards this person are not the most pleasant.

We do not wish her any harm but prefer to distance ourselves from her to avoid discussions that could affect us emotionally.

What Dream About Autopsy Means

Dreaming about the autopsy of our dead body can also mean the need to analyze our behavior and change some aspects of our personality that we are not satisfied with.


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Dream interpretation and meaning : Autopsy

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