When you see an abyss in your dream, your consciousness intuits a dangerous situation for the person you see over the abyss, an aura of unhappiness.

Dream meaning Abyss

  • When in a dream you look into an abyss, someone will make you feel embarrassed.
  • If in your dream you yourself are standing on the edge of an abyss, it betrays your fears, anxieties, approaching a dangerous zone (including time) in your life.
  • When in your dream you see someone standing on the edge of an abyss, it is not a good time for change.
  • When you dream that you are slowly slipping into an abyss, unpleasantness and worries are to be expected.
  • When you fall into an abyss in your dream, you will unexpectedly receive cheerful news.
  • If you dream that you are trying to climb out of an abyss, you will succumb to someone’s bad influence.
  • As in your dream you are pushing someone into an abyss, do not accuse someone groundlessly.
  • When in your dream you see people in an abyss, the situation of the people you see there is disastrous.

Meaning of the dream Abyss in other cultures and Dreambooks:


Mystic Dreambook Abyss

When in a dream you fall into an abyss, it foretells serious danger.

When you look into an abyss in your dream, you may lose something you care about.

When you see an abyss in your dream, but far away from you, do not act rashly, because you will lose a lot.

When you descend into an abyss, you will overcome adversity.

When you jump into an abyss in a dream, be careful, because the specter of misfortune hangs over your house.

Dream about abyss

The abyss in the dream symbolizes an obstacle that concerns us very much, and which we will have to face.

  • see it – someone will reveal a sad secret to you
  • look into a bottomless abyss – you will look into the depths of your own soul and see qualities that you would rather not see in yourself
  • jump into an abyss – you neglect an important person and worship a reckless companion
  • throw someone into an abyss – you lack emotional stability, alternatively, the dream means that you will soon manage to free yourself from a toxic relationship
  • throw a stone into an abyss – you will soon free yourself from numerous problems
  • come out of the abyss – the changes that will take place in your life will be extremely beneficial for you
  • stand on the edge of an abyss – you will stand on the edge of your own abilities and will have to make a choice; the dream, moreover, suggests that one day you will bring trouble on yourself
  • fall into an abyss – you are afraid of what you may discover in yourself; you take too much to heart everything that others say about you; perhaps this is the seed of a nervous breakdown or depression
  • see a car falling into an abyss – you will have to deal with other people’s failures.
Abyss dream dictionary

Abyss – Dream Symbol Interpretation

Association: – Big depth, draught, infinity, all-embracing width. Question: – What lies deeply in my inside? Which borders do I need?


An abyss stands in the dream as a warning signal or danger signal. To dream of an abyss, points to the fact that the dreaming recognises the so-called ‘barrel without ground’ or the emptiness in himself. This is an aspect of the stranger to whom every person must position himself sometime in the life. Behind the picture is hidden a risky underpinned which the dreaming has to concern without knowing what will come out, besides. Critical situations or life difficulties are symbolised by him. Indeed, one must look at the connection. The abyss also points to the fact that the dreaming resigns himself to contrast pairs as properly and wrong or well and nastily. Positively every form of the coping is by flying, leaping over, Durchsteigen etc. and indicates the overcoming of the difficulties. Negatively it is dizzy, before the abyss helplessly, is paralyzed, to have got a fright and to be afraid on helplessness, despondency and desperation points. The fall in the abyss stands for the despondent failure, for fear of life and capitulation before the danger. The following symbols rather often seem with similar meaning:

  • The unconscious sees a danger which is given for that which is seen. (Aura of the misfortune.)
  • then

  • Leading the way only up to the abyss and ends, means this one warning for the dreaming, – he should turn back.
  • Quite near in an abyss stand often warns about a ‘fall’ in grief, worries and need if one maintains, for example, the present intentions.
  • in an abyss can look mean that one looks in own unconscious and perceives, besides, things which one would not rather have recognised, – maybe the look in the abyss also announces the forthcoming dangers which can arise from own behaviour, action and wish. However, one may await the coming dangers courageously because one recognises them on time that one can make way to them and will master them.
  • find A bridge about the abyss: One can bridge difficulties which open in the awake life before one.
  • one holds on in the dream in a railing and saw – terrified – in an abyss (also tearing stream, fall brook, waterfall etc.), one lives just in a critical situation in which one can just still keep.
  • Being the ground under the feet slimy or had the bridge tears, the problem is not solved yet, the load is not got through yet. A request more exactly to look in own sphere who could bring (or what) to one to case.
  • however,

  • Standing one, however, on firm, dry ground, one has just mastered a crisis, did not have yet the necessary rest to work off the attacked stress. Here relaxation is announced!
  • however,

  • It can also be that stony, precipitous or unwieldy looking way leads by the abyss. Then this is a tip for the fact that one should realise his situation and walk on the way in his own depths. The dream points to fear of controlling loss or identity loss or before the failure in any regard. More positively expressed: It is possible to cross own borders or present experiences.
  • in the abyss hinuntersteigen: One should find the reason for an apparently hopeless situation, so that one they lighter overcome, can come so again upwards.
  • Gliding one in the abyss, this is to be understood as an even more massive warning, also registers maybe that one will not escape the difficulties any more. One loses ground in any matter.
  • one falls down

  • in an abyss, can announce one forthcoming personal disaster which is not to be detained any more. According to the personal living conditions the fall also means that one will fall in an unexpected luck, in particular with soft landing on the basis. However, mental grief often stands also in the house, then the dream sometimes moves also a momentary situation from the real life in the picture (possibly fall from the bed which an immediate awakening follows).
  • Favourably to indicate it is if one throws stones in the abyss or rock lump hinabrollt, – this symbolises the freeing from worries and miseries which pressed like a rock on the soul.
  • Throwing one a person in the abyss, one will free himself probably soon from an interpersonal respect which showed only a load.
  • turn away of it: before facts the eyes close.


The underworld and low things appear in dreams abyss.



  • in general: Misfortune and misery, – the unconscious sees a danger which is given for him who is seen, – aura of the misfortune,
  • stand before it: do not visit intentionally dangers,
  • see one at a distance: a danger will pass you,
  • deeper and marshier: Misfortune remains not saved to you,
  • hineinstürzen: Warning! There is the danger to lose ground,
  • hineinstürzen and from the dream awake: is often only one shock to which too quick returning brings in the quiescent body with itself, – in it shuts now and again a whole novel, backward blinded!

(European ones).:

  • see: the unconscious sees a danger which is given for him who is seen, – aura of the misfortune,
  • stand hard in an edge: Fears, approach to a dangerous zone (time) in the life,
  • see in an abyss: Illness, menacing evil, accident, also the failure of big plans,
  • hineinstarren: there threatens a proprietary seizure, disputes and reproaches of personal nature, so that one is not able to handle with everyday problems,
  • slowly in the same hineingleiten: on misery and griefs is to be calculated,
  • in him hineinstürzen: a big inheritance, – unexpected glad message,
  • other see in him: the situation of another is probably catastrophic.


  • are afraid of it: is anxious of your health,
  • hineinfallen: Success is sure to you,
  • throw in somebody: you are soon released from big load,
  • your friend falls in: soon you will hear from him good,
  • throw in a stone: soon you will be released from a heavy worry,
  • save somebody from it: the destiny will help you.

Who falls in an abyss, said the old Egyptians, must count on business losses.


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