dream zooAssociation: – controlled wildness. Question: – Which instincts would like I to observe from a sure vantage point or realise?

In general:

If a dream of a stay acts in the zoo, this expresses the desire of the dreaming to understand some of his most internal instincts and needs. Maybe the dreaming must let more objectivity in his self-assessment prevail. Zoo symbolises the instinctual life and one must interpret partly the single animal to the better understanding. In general he asks to control desires and instincts better or to suppress not so strongly.



The dreaming possibly feels the wish to return to easier behaviour patterns. Some people have natural powers of observation. Perhaps, the dream is a tip for the dreaming that he must adapt his behaviour compared with the group to which he belongs more. The dreaming could also have realised that that he is observed, for example, in his job. A zoological garden in which it greens and blossoms is the proof of our efflorescence in the society. But the animals locked up there remind us to place special emphasis on our desires not too much.


To dream of the zoo, can draw the attention of the dreaming to the necessary and adequate behaviour patterns and uses in a topical situation.



  • you will receive astonishing communications.

(European ones).:

  • see: if is though a menacing danger towards which one can walk, however, freely and openly – also: one plays in a thing with the fire,
  • visit: Children will play an important role for one in close future.


  • you has longing for distant countries.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Zoo

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