dream zipperAs a vision he can refer to the ability of the dreaming to maintain relations with other people, but also on his difficulties, besides. A sticking rice fastener points to the discomfort of the dreaming to protect his dignity in an awkward situation. A dream in which one buttons or a zipper opens points out to the fact that one needs relaxation or a lighthearted respect with the people of the surroundings or a special person (whose identity arises from other tips in the dream) would like to develop.


The dreaming has to open the choice, to himself to his family and towards his friends or to close. The dream symbol for this is often the zipper.



At this level the zipper in the dream symbolises the creating of spiritual connections.


(European ones).:

  • he is broken: there threaten interpersonal disappointments.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Zipper

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