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In general:

The dreams in whose centre the zodiac with his legend shapes and symbols stands state a lot about the being of the people – mostly they refer to the quality of the animals in the solar signs which are reflected in the behaviour, or on the person whom we can assign to certain signs. If one dreams of a certain sign of the zodiac, one should have a look at his qualities and apply this then to himself or others.

  • Typically for the Aries energy and the need are to be won. Aries-born are direct, decisive, unselfish and thoughtless.
  • reliability, healthy house mind, sensuousness and practical disposition are the signs of the bull. However, glassy-born can be also wilful, possession-affecting and greedy.
  • of signs of the twins are liveliness and youthful appearance, but also Dualität, falseness and Debattierfreude.
  • cancer-born are mostly caring, protecting, affectionate and understanding, however, incline also to cling to somebody and to worry to itself constantly.
  • The lion a leader’s nature, an organisation talent, is able of enthusiasm, is creative and generous, however, can be also tyrannically and very stiffly in his views.
  • in the sign of the virgin born think analytically and soberly, they are conscious of health, practical, talkative and give, – they foretell gloom, grumble, clap and are overcritical.
  • The star sign of the scales embodies romanticism, sympathy, friendliness and relaxation. Scales – people leave übernehmerisch, undecided, much too and be spiteful sometimes.
  • scorpion – born intensely live, have strong feelings and act purposefully. Jealousy, hatred and resentful behaviour are also typical for the scorpion.
  • in the sign of the shooter born are spiritual as a rule active, able of enthusiasm, energetically, optimistically, sportily and open. Nevertheless, they can be also too impulsive and careless restless.
  • The Capricorn is ambitious, ambitious, progressive, politically interests and has a distinctive sense for humor. Negative signs of this star sign are the slope to complain, to feel suppressed and to worry, pessimism, stinginess and coldness.
  • in the sign of the Aquarius born are original, friendly, helpful, fashionable and have an advanced philosophy of life, mostly also artistic or scientific talents. The unpredictable, wilful, chill-reserved Aquarius often falls in love and inclines to excessive romanticism.
  • The typical fish is friendly, is affectionate empathetically, dreams away, creatively and feeling-emphatically, but also chaotically, craftily, strange to reality, gullibly and sentimentally.


The Trier circle symbolises the respect of the person with the universe. The signs of the zodiac stand sometimes in dreams for the time or also spreading the time. They can inspire the dreaming to take the initiative in certain situations. Many people are fascinated by horoscopes without understanding absolutely the meaning of the zodiac. Pictures and symbols from him appear in dreams often only when the dreaming begins with the trip in the own Himself. Besides, often appears the animal or being which stands with the star sign of the dreaming in connection, as it were as if it wants to remind him of the basic principles. The kind of the contact with this picture provides examination about for the dreaming how he regards himself. If a dream acts, for example, from a girl who rides on a goat, then the dreaming should maybe strive with toughness (Capricorn) for perfection (virgin). Every sign also refers to a certain body part and draws the attention of the dreaming in his dream every now and then to a possible imbalance.


In the following the spheres of influence of the single signs of the zodiac:

  • Aries: The sign influences the head. His colour is red, his special gem stones are an amethyst and diamond. Learn patience or deliberate action, defeat the rage.
  • bull: The sign influences the throat. His colours are a blue and Rose, his special gem stones moss agate and emerald. Learn more mobility and find your place, the avarice defeats.
  • twins: The sign influences shoulders, arms and hands. His colour is yellow, his gem stones are an agate and beryl. Learn, to be impressable and to find a synthesis, to defeat your Oberflächlichkeiten.
  • cancer: The sign influences the stomach and the higher digestive organs. His colours are violet or emerald green, his special gem stones are a moonstone and pearls. Learn independency and sure appearance, as well as defeat your self-pity.
  • lion: The sign influences heart, lung and liver. His colours are gold and orange, his special gem stones are Topas and Turmalin. Learns to differentiate and what is called real authority. Defeat your pride.
  • virgin: The sign influences belly and bowel. His colours are a grey and Navy blue, his special gem stones are a pink jasper and jade. Learns to trust, your scepticism defeats compared with all.
  • scales: The sign influences the lumbar region. His colours are a blue and Violet, his special gem stones are opals and Lapislazuli. Learn, finally to decide you and defeats your dishonesty.
  • scorpion: The sign influences the genitals. His colours are dark red and magenta, his special gem stones are a turquoise and ruby. Learn to say goodbye to let go and defeats your desires for revenge.
  • shooter: The sign influences hips, thighs and nervous system. His colours are light blue and orange, his special gem stones are a carbuncle and amethyst. Learn to put you also to disagreeable things and defeats your arrogance.
  • Capricorn: The sign influences the knees. His colours are violet and green, his special gem stones Gagat and black onyx. If it learns to understand also others and defeats your generalisations.
  • Aquarius: The sign influences blood circulation and ankle. His colour is steel-blue, his special gem stones are a garnet and zircon. Learn to keep at a thing and defeats your internal restlessness.
  • fish: The sign influences the feet and toes. His colours are a sea green and Mauve, his special gem stones are a coral and Olivin. Learns to be lonesome and defeats your ‘escape strategies’.


(European ones).:

  • see (whole): you have luck in the lottery, – are a sign for rise to prosperity,
  • unusually looking: unexpected grief about one will come,
  • look at them: by the meeting with strangers attain a high rank,
  • get closer to them: one will solve the riddle of the humanity and this will excel the most daring images.

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