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Struggle (wrestling match) indicates discussions with others. If one wins, besides, one will assert himself and distinguish from the opponent. If one loses the fight, one should take care of reconciliation with the other.



Struggle as a dream symbol mostly refers to the fact that one struggles with himself or must wring himself and other something. In rarer cases this dream symbol can be also seen than a tip to the longing for body contacts. The exit of a wrestling match in the dream is uncertain because we grow up during the fight tumult mostly, – there we have to argue in the awake life with a matter about which we do not know yet whether we arise as a winner from her. Sometimes we also struggle for the examination which can help us or for our image.


To struggle with a blood relation or friend quarrel and quarrel with the person concerned announces. If a hostility already exists, that which gains the victory in the dream also becomes on the day of the Überlegene (Cf. of the wrestling match 32.24following described in genesis of Jakob with the angel. With daybreak when his opponent saw that he could not overcome Jacob this asked to bless him. The angel changed Jacobs names in Israel and promised to him that he will win over person.) be, except, they argued about land, – then with such disputes it is better to be defeated, if also that who throws the opponent to ground it does not reach from below. Since the land belongs to that who is with the ground in touch. (It seems to be reflected in it the image that the touch with the earth of a certain place gives claim on the same how also the possession of a clod guarantees earth the possession of the country from which the clod comes.) I know somebody to whom it dreamt, he struggles and stretches his opponent with the so-called trick ‘2 fingers around -‘ to ground. The same won the process, while he got documents in the hand which his opponent had written. To struggle with a stranger, leads up dangers by illness, – then like the wrestler his opponent strives to overpower, thus also the illness the sick person, that is them wants to hand over him to the earth. (‘With the death struggle.’ A personification of the illness calm as a demon. The death struggle of the dying, understood as a wrestling match with the death God, is still alive in today’s Greece.) The death, to the winner recovery waves to the inferior. Further it means nothing good if a man with a boy struggles. If he throws down him, he will bury somebody, – however, he is fought down by the boy, he will have to endure to the vain strain still mockery and illness, because of the exit of the fight, illness because he was defeated by a physically weaker. However, it brings to a boy luck to throw a man to ground, – he will unexpectedly reach tallness. Against it it is for a competitor as a boy no good portent, – he will not be put down any more on the age group of the boys. If one struggles with a dead person, one will fall ill or get with a descendant or heirs of the dead in quarrel. In any case, it is better to win in the wrestling match. It dreamt somebody, he takes part in Nemea in the wrestling match of the men, gains the victory and becomes bekränzt. At that time he carried on a lawsuit around a piece of country on which a very big marsh was. Really he won the process because of the meaning of the marsh because the winners become in Nemea with Eppich bekränzt. (Word: heleioselinon (Sumpfeppich) which is composed from helos (marsh) and selinon (Eppich). Wreaths from Eppich were the victory prices with isthmischen and the nemeischen plays.)



  • see wrestling match: you will find out insults, – also: one wants to challenge you, if rest,
  • preserves

  • deliver a wrestling match: one disagrees with himself,
  • with your love: affectionate quarrel without meaning,
  • with strangers: Illness and danger,

(European ones).:

  • or one see: a disagreeable discussion approaches,
  • are present: Moreover, quarrel and quarrel, – means bad health and capital loss,
  • with a friend: Grief,
  • with a child: Misfortune,
  • with a stranger: you will come to danger, – a forthcoming misfortune,
  • announces

  • with somebody struggle and, besides, are defeated: meant a discussion with the following reconciliation,
  • with somebody struggle and, besides, win: Discussion with the following separation,
  • with an animal: one will slander you.


  • Throwing somebody in the wrestling match another to ground, he will prove to the inferior all honour, – then this will be bigger than that which fought down him.
  • no especially nice days approach.

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