Symbolically, water is strongly associated with emotion and purification. Fish and other creatures live in it, and it can be a mirror that speaks of the creative, fertile and deep dimension of nature. Seeing water in a dream indicates learning, life and fertility.

Dream meaning about water

Water in a dream can indicate a moment of peace and harmony, but it can also tell you that you have difficulties to overcome or warn you of problems.


A dream about water can represent all feelings, the emergence of instincts.

Water is a symbol of life and therefore in a dream about water we bring to the surface of our consciousness situations that we have to deal with in our real life, problems or obstacles that we have to overcome.

A dream about water means that good things will come into your life and your home will be full of happiness, money and good family relationships.

What does a dream about water mean?

Clear water

A dream can mean that changes, healings, transformations and adjustments are taking place in your life.

If it is clear water flowing downstream, it is a sign that you are experiencing good times, or that you are about to enjoy peace of mind, have great success in your professional life, make profits. It indicates that you will be surrounded by good people and that you may be able to find a loving partner.

Crystal clear water in a dream means lightness and emotional peace. It means that your health is in good condition.
Clear and calm water guarantees tranquillity and success in your professional life.


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Dirty water

The meaning of a dream about dirty water can be that your emotions are blurred and you cannot see what is deeper. You are stagnant and not growing.

A dream about dirty water is a warning of difficulties. You should be careful in making decisions, think rationally. The difficulties that arise can be emotional as well as financial.
The meaning of the dream is that you are full of negative emotions. You may even need some time to clear your mind and take care of your mental health. Try to keep your mind clear.

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Cloudy water

Cloudy water in a dream means that there will be difficulties to overcome, but they will not be insurmountable. If the water is also turbulent, it is a good idea to avoid unnecessary discussions, as this could lead to a broken friendship or relationship.

The dream also symbolises that if you fall ill you will be cured quickly.

Contaminated water

This dream is a sign of unbelief and fatigue. It can indicate deprivation of freedom or money, destruction and breakdown of family relationships.

If you see clear water turning into dark, dirty water, it represents the way you express yourself. Think about how you are perceived by others.


Hot water

Hot water in a dream can represent material problems. The meaning of the dream warns against worry and sadness. Try to be prepared for these troubles.

Cold water

The meaning of the dream of cold water is happiness and prosperity. Enjoy these moments. Don’t worry about the future, but make the best – but sensible – of what fate brings you.

Leaking water

The dreamer warns you not to waste your time and energy on what is not worth it. A dream about leaking water is a sign that you are going through moments and situations that you don’t want to or can’t control.
The dream also means that you have lost control of your emotions. Try to regain control of them.

Tap water (running water)

If you dream of water flowing from the tap in a large stream, the dream foretells wealth and success. If the water dripped from the tap, the dream warns of fruitlessness.

A dream of running water is a sign of new developments in your life. If you are looking for a job or working on something new, chances are good that everything will work out successfully. However, if the running water is yellowish or dark, it means that you will face some kind of obstacle before you achieve what you want.

A dream of clean running water means kindness. You have a pure heart and do not wish to harm anyone.

Water in a container, glass (drinking water)

Filling a container with water is a sign of rewarding work, emptying it is a guarantee of starting a new life.

To drink water

Drinking water in a dream means good luck in love and business.


If you or someone in your family drinks water from a crystal glass in a dream, it is a sign of healing and well-being. If you dream of drinking water from a spring, it means that something from your past is still influencing your present decisions too much. Drinking water in a dream with someone you have feelings for could be a sign of a lasting relationship.

If you drink salty water, the dream warns of minor illnesses.

On the other hand, drinking polluted water in a dream indicates that you are paying too much attention to people who do not give you good energy; they may harm you.

Drinking large amounts of water in a dream indicates the intensity of your life. You will achieve a lot, and if you are a creator – you will have a viva. The dream also means longevity.

Water dripping from the ceiling

The dream foretells a change of fortune for the better. The dream suggests that your problems will finally be solved. So look to the future with optimism.

Water in the house

The meaning of the dream is that you will have to make important decisions. Let your own reason and knowledge guide you. If the water is clear, expect visitors.


Rain is associated with fertility. The dream can therefore herald a creative, developmental period in work, education and personal life. It can also foretell the need to purify, to get rid of something that is harming you or causing you remorse.

Dreaming of rainwater is a sign of renewal in your life, of spiritual cleansing, and if you dream of rain falling, you can be sure that there will be a very peaceful period in your life. The meaning of a dream about rainwater can indicate the disappearance of worries and sadness in your life.
The absence of rain can be a symbol of waiting for favourable changes.



A dream about a thunderstorm can symbolically represent the level of energy or emotion you carry within you. The dreamer is advising you to reflect on your inner ‘storms’ as you are full of them and such a situation can be destructive to you.


A dream of a flood can represent the need to look within and become aware of feelings that have been neglected. It indicates the need to find more effective ways of dealing with your emotions.

A flood can mean that an unpleasant or uncomfortable situation can no longer be avoided and that you will have to deal with it.

Watching the flood from a high place may be a sign that you are looking for solutions or making arrangements.

Being in a safe place during a flood can mean that you are protected from critical situations.


Dreaming of a tsunami can indicate a loss of emotional stability. The meaning of the dream warns you that you are losing solidity and stability. The dream indicates that you need to reorganise your life and find balance within yourself.

The Lake

The dream represents your emotional state. It can symbolise limitations and lack of control. It can also represent a complicated situation.

If the lake is muddy and agitated, it is a symbol of emotions that are out of control in a difficult situation. If the water is calm and clear, the dream represents peace and balance.


The River

A river is a symbol of one’s path, reflecting the experience of life itself, with its movement and inertia, its twists and turns and fluidity. The dream represents how you deal with your own life and how you face obstacles.

If, in a dream, you are surrendering to the flow of a river, this may mean that you are facing internal or external forces over which you have no control.

Experiencing this can either indicate that you need to take more conscious action, or that there is nothing you can do and you need to let the situation flow.

If the river you dreamed of has clear and calm waters, you will benefit in both your family and professional life. If the river had a swift current, you will need to take care of yourself, get more involved in your own affairs. The dreamer foresees new experiences and short trips.

If you are floating on water, you will find yourself in an uncomfortable situation for a short time.

Crossing a rough river in a dream can indicate that you will face challenges in changing one behaviour in order to implement another. The dreamer also predicts that you may be facing an inner struggle.

A dead, polluted or contaminated river indicates stagnation or failure. If the river is dry, you will be disappointed in some way.

The Sea

The sea holds a duality that relates to both creativity and destruction. Seeing the sea in a dream represents your baggage of experience and may mean that you will achieve the fulfilment of what you desire. On the other hand, if you go to the sea in your dream, it could mean that you are certain of something.


The dream is a sign that there will be changes in your life, old dreams may come true, you may meet friends or a person you loved very much in the past. If the sea has rough waters, it could mean that changes will come suddenly and may be very emotional. If the sea in your dream is calm, everything in your life should happen in a normal way, which will keep you calm and emotionally well.

A dream in which you remain on or above the surface of the sea can indicate anxiety, emotional and mental problems. Drifting on the sea or disappearing into the abyss can indicate a poor mental state that needs urgent attention. Diving into the sea and observing marine life is a harbinger of creative pursuits and successful ideas.


Dreaming of a waterfall indicates a significant improvement in the financial sector. It can also symbolise some rapid changes, decisions, situations.

Swimming Pool

A dream about a swimming pool can symbolise restricted, disciplined or controlled emotions, feelings. Playing or diving in the pool can mean that you are ready for, or in need of, rest and relaxation. Swimming in a pool signifies some kind of damage, for example in relation to investments or misplaced feelings.

If the pool in your dream is filled with clean water, it is a sign that you are about to experience some pleasant surprises in your financial life, you will have opportunities to make a lot of money. If the water in the pool is dirty or muddy, you need to watch out for false friends around you. In your love life it could mean betrayal, neglecting your partner, trying to tear down your home and distancing yourself.

If you dream of drinking water from a swimming pool, it means that you will be standing on your wedding cake.

Washing, scrubbing

The dream is a representation of an existing need to get rid of what is already unnecessary. Give importance only to what is important to you. Worry more about yourself and stop trying to please everyone. Get rid of the mask and take control of your life.

Taking a shower

If you took a shower in your dream and the water was warm or hot – you can count on sincere friends. However, if bathing causes discomfort or pain, a break-up is possible.


Bathing in water

Bathing in water means purity, peace and harmony in your life. It is a sign that your worries are gone and you are relaxed.
Bathing in fresh water is a harbinger of wonderful love.

Bathing in crystal clear water means that you are cleansed – of suspicion, bad intentions, etc.


If you swim in calm waters in your dream, expect a pay rise or a long-awaited holiday.

And if you swim in dirty and murky water, e.g. with a lot of mud, it means failure. If you dip your feet in a pool of murky water, it means a lot of pleasure.

To see one’s own reflection in the water

This dream means the possibility of making mistakes and the suffering that comes with them.

If your reflection suddenly disappears, it means that you have excluded evil people from your life.

Dream meaning: Water

  • Clean water – changes are taking place in your life.
  • Dirty water – you are full of negative emotions.
  • Cloudy water – you have difficulties to overcome.
  • Dirty water – you are tired
  • Hot water – beware of material problems
  • Cold water – happiness and prosperity are coming your way
  • Leaking water – you have lost control of your emotions
  • Tap water (running water) – something new is coming into your life.
  • Water in a container, glass (take water) – your work will be rewarded
  • Drinking water – you will have luck in love
  • Water dripping from the ceiling – your fate will change for the better
  • Water in the house – you will have to make important decisions
  • Rainwater (rain, rain) – you have a creative, developmental period ahead of you.
  • Storm – you carry a lot of emotions with you
  • Flood – looking for ways to deal with your emotions
  • Tsunami – you need to find balance
  • Lake – your emotions are out of control
  • River – take care of yourself
  • Sea – what you want will come true
  • Waterfall – rapid changes are coming
  • Swimming pool – pleasant surprises await you
  • Washing, scrubbing – pay attention only to what is important to you
  • Shower – you can count on friends
  • Bathing in water – a time of harmony and peace is approaching
  • Swimming – expect a raise
  • Seeing your reflection in the water – you may make a mistake

Mystic dreamer – Water

Clear water appearing in your dream is a sign that you have reached a state of mental equilibrium in your waking life, or it heralds success and happiness for you, including in the emotional sphere.


The meaning of water in dreams

Cloudy or dirty water means that you are very insecure in real life, that money overshadows all other values, or that you have some serious faults for which you condemn yourself.

If you see clear water in your dream, it is a harbinger of good fortune and benefits you will soon achieve.

Troubled water is a sign that a difficult period is coming in your life, during which you will experience a lot of restlessness and have many problems.

If you see your own or someone else’s reflection in the water, it is a signal from your subconscious not to succumb to delusions in public.

Gushing water is a sign that you have some unsatisfied sexual needs.

Warm water foretells illness for you or someone close to you.

If you dream that you are walking on water, it means that you can feel completely safe when you wake up because nothing is threatening you, and it also foretells good luck and happiness in your emotions.

If you dream of drinking cold water, it is a sign that you will live the life you have always wanted.


If you dream of drinking warm water, it is a signal from your subconscious that something bad is happening in your body or that you are leading an inappropriate, unhealthy lifestyle.

If you are swimming in water in your dream, it indicates some kind of danger for you.

The sound of water in your dream foretells someone’s return home.

Holy water means that you are striving for perfection in your waking life.

Soda water foretells that, although you will make great efforts, you will be satisfied with your situation.

Frozen water means that when you wake up you are too cold and dry, causing you to withhold affection from your life and keep other people at a distance.

If you dream of a calm and smooth surface of water, it is a sign that a carefree time is coming for you, during which you will have no reason to worry or be anxious.

An uneasy and rippling surface of water foretells you of everyday problems.


If you dream that you are looking through the surface of the water, it foretells that you are deceiving yourself in some way.

If you see the reflection of things in the surface of the water, it foretells deception or disappointment in some matter.

dream water

  • of flowers, plants: if blessing and satisfaction,
  • announces

  • of meat during the cooking: by stupidity and egoism to your aims damage.

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