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dream witchAssociation: – negative femininity, – black magic, – if positively: Intuition and natural wisdom. Question: – Has which female forces or do I fear?


Originally these women were servants of the nature, shamans or medicine women and had a positive symbolic meaning. This changed in the Middle Ages, the epoch of the witch’s pursuit. Mostly an old often also ugly woman who warns about characterless people. The bad fairy which brings mess in our soul life. Also in the dream the witch seems rather than a menacing fairy tale shape, shows a negative mother’s symbol which can mean interference in the most personal things. Deep-psychologically one understands them as an expression of fears of the edged out irrational contents of the unconscious which must be mastered by self-knowledge. A friendly witch can embody now and then also once natural attachment and wisdom. It is also interpreted as a symbol of the overemphasized physical love which remains dissatisfactory on a continuing basis. A man who sleeps in the dream with a witch feels a destructive passion in the awake life, possibly he is in bondage to a woman.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Witch



  • see: Warning before a bad woman, – also: pleasing omen in regard to plans and hopes which soon take a favourable trend,
  • see dancing: Need and danger is in the suit,
  • on the broom riding: you will get in unhappy relations, – Feindschaften will make difficult the life.

(European ones).:

  • female old symbol of the love to the other gender, – also: one is in search of adventure which prepare for a high-spirited joy, however, will turn out for one as embarrassing,
  • see: threatens with all possible incommodities, – quarrel and quarrel in the surroundings, – also: Clap and scandal about friends,
  • with one speak or operate: one must be careful on this day in every manner,
  • about coming: the occupation will suffer and domestic matters can be disappointing.


  • deal with her: Quarrel, hostility, frustration and quarrel with house comrades.

Witch - dream interpretation and meaning
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