dream widowAssociation: – Loneliness, – isolation. Question: – Which part of me is lonesome?

In general:

To be in the dream widow, can refer to a loss and to sadness. Such a dream sometimes marks a change in the consciousness of a woman on the developing way to the wise old woman, the linked freedom and on the opportunity to use the being inherent wisdom. Widow (r) often warns against withdrawing into recollections and feelings, – the life must be formed more actively. Now and again this can also mean that one are found, has to go more in himself hineinhorchen to master, for example, a crisis.



If we see ourselves thus in the vision, nothing deals with the loss of our lifelong companion, but with the new, delighted impressions which the life gives to us. If we meet in the dream one or a widowed, we have a lot of luck in the family which is held together and forms a community. Only in the visions which contain many negative symbols widow or widower can circumscribe our big loneliness, seclusion, the resignation, the abandoned being at one time where we would need just somebody to our side. He probably has a slope for brooding or takes care of distance of a situation or person. The exact meaning of this vision can be taken only from the whole connection. If a man dreams against it of a widow, this could symbolise a deeper understanding for the needs of a woman. Maybe he recognises that he must not necessarily bring women as a function of himself.


The widow in the dream stands for female spiritual wisdom.



  • Old-Egyptian, in general: Wealth and luck will be gave to one,
  • or widower be: you will soon feel very lonesome,
  • see or speak: feel to a being drawn, – also: You should forget the past and begin a new life,
  • marry: late dear luck.

(European ones).:

  • widower or Witwenschaft: indicates at unexpected joy and luck and puts family losses in wide distance,
  • see or his: one will not get rid of a Quälgeist, – bad people give to one many problems,
  • even widower be: points to an illness of the wife,
  • talk to a widow: one will lose his woman by the death,
  • Dreaming a woman, them is a widow, then is indicated with it the infidelity of the husband.
  • If a young woman dreams, married to has and then widow to have become, this is a prediction that your lover will leave them.
  • If a young woman dreams of being married with a widower, means a lot of annoyance with wrong lovers, nevertheless, at the end it will be happily married with a decent partner.
  • Dreaming a man to marry a widow an important matter will end disappointing.


  • see: your work is crowned by success,
  • be: you may hope for new joys of life,
  • marry: you will make a rich inheritance.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Widow(er)

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