dream willowKey words: Water-loving, – earthing, – variety, – healing. Description: Everywhere in the world there are many different kinds of pastures. The probably best known kinds are Salweiden, osiers, grey pastures, silver pastures and weeping willows. Pasture bark finds with a row of discomfort as a remedy use, because she contains Salicylsäure. This material is used since countless years against fever, besides, he has a tonic and astringent effect. Aspirin, for example, means which helps against all sorts of discomfort exists of Acetylsalicylsäure. People close to the earth twisted baskets and other containers from pasture rods. Also during the production of building reason structures and Schwitzhütten they had a firm place. With Wünschelruten it also often concerns accordingly formed willow rods. General meaning: The feelings which connect you with mother earth, – what you must do to cure your connection with the planet and with all life. Association: Pasture – put out to pasture, – weeping willow – mourn. Transcendent meaning: A gift of the earth to the healing.

In general:

The pasture was associated often with pregnancy, exemption and maternity. One also believed, it is a symbol for mental disorders. It may seem unbelievable that old-traditional associations should still be valid in the 20th century, however, in dreams they often do not have at all weight to be underestimated. Willow trees symbolise in the positive case flexibility and loading capacity, in the negative case Labilität and missing spine. Weeping willows are evaluated traditionally as an unhappy portent.



The pasture appears as a dream symbol almost exclusively as a weeping willow and refers so also to a mostly edged out grief. Dream of a pasture, you should be stimulated to the funereal work.



  • grief and grief, – – A reminder, be steadfast and to be tractable, nevertheless, at the right time.
  • catkin: point on peaceful, but modest relations.

(European ones).:

  • see: one finds a person with whom one can proceed just as one likes,
  • catkins see or pick: a new acquaintance has released with a deeper feeling,
  • weeping willow: a friend will come with grief to one to tip out her heart, – also: one himself will soon undertake a sad trip, but be comforted by friends.


  • in the water: murky days,
  • weeping willow: Family grief.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Willow

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