dream waxThe picture of the wax stands generally for adaptation, plasticity, Beeinflußbarkeit and unstableness. Wax stands in respect with the litheness which a person has developed concerning his life. Aim is to be pliable and pliable like to remain a wax and, besides, at the same time firmly. One interprets wax often like candle, white wax should point after old dream interpretation to good health. In general can be expressed in the fact that one falls under influence easily from the outside.


Wax can be also interpreted as a symbol for insincerity. It is consumed by the candle flame and changes into something else with quite new qualities.



Wax symbolises the need for spiritual flexibility and the wish to file the inflexibility.



  • see or clean: a good salary get, – also: your living conditions will soon radically change,
  • of bees: Wealth and luck,
  • about candles, knows: your innocence will come to light,
  • yellow: your jealousy damages,
  • melt: you will manage your plan, – also: your annoyance will soon pass,
  • form: you have good-natured people around yourself,
  • play with plasticine: do not use love or other people egoistically, – you are too soft yourself where you should have firmness,
  • burning, smoking: Death or heavy illness,
  • burning, brightly: Wedding or christening.

(European ones).:

  • is the sign for a variable character, sends a reminder to the energy,
  • see: meant luck by diligence, – also: sends a reminder before him borrow from money or cash transactions generally,
  • play with plasticine: one would like to clamp with pleasure other people for his aims, however, one is too soft himself,
  • burning wax candles: a serious solemnity stands in a queue and one should listen in more inwards and find to himself himself.


  • see burning: Grief and affliction in your house,
  • the white: your health is good,
  • the yellow: one cheats you,
  • see melting: you will suffer a loss,
  • play with plasticine: you are received very much a schmiegsames woman – (a good-natured man).

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Wax

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