Those who dream about a wallet should be more careful and more responsible with their own money. A dream about a wallet encourages you to reevaluate your life or enjoy what you have.

Its function is to store and hide items that are important to us. Therefore, a dream about a wallet indicates secrets or hidden feelings.


It also signifies the loss of money in the near future. It also represents your identity or sense of self. It reflects thoughts, feelings, or situations that have recently occurred to you.

Dreambook Wallet

To look at your wallet

According to Dreambook, you are looking at what you believe to be the key to your achievements.

If your wallet is full, the dream means security, stability, and inner strength. If it is empty it symbolizes fragility, limitation, and lack of strength.

Foreign wallet

The meaning of the dream foretells that you will soon have the opportunity to fulfill your plans with someone else’s help. This dream may also indicate that you will discover someone’s secret or make a new friend at work or at a social gathering.

Dreambook also explains that you will stop thinking about illusions and will soon learn the bitter truth about a situation.

Wallet in hand

Seeing your own wallet in your hand means that you are not taking care of yourself, not investing in yourself. When you get to know yourself, you will know how to live better and cope with life. Take a moment to reflect and improve yourself.


A wallet full of money

If you dream about a wallet full of money Dreambook foretells that the coming times will be very favorable in your life. The dream heralds happiness and harmony, especially in the financial and professional spheres. If you had some problems at work, now the situation will gradually improve, there is also a chance for new opportunities to open up. For those who run their own businesses, it is a sign that there will be new areas of activity and an increase in profits.

The dream is a reflection of the good financial moment you are experiencing. You will certainly gain more financial resources. Manage them wisely. If you are having financial problems in your life, this dream is considered a good sign foretelling that you will soon get out of this situation.

If your wallet is full of coins it suggests that people will entrust you with their secrets, you will start a new business or find a new job.

Empty wallet

The dream signals that there will be losses. Thus, you must be prepared for them. An empty wallet in dreams can also indicate emotional emptiness in your life. If this is the case, pay more attention to this aspect of your life and think about what caused it.

The dream may reflect a strong sense of insecurity and vulnerability. You may have lost someone or something you relied on for a long time. It is also possible that your trust and secrets have been exposed by someone close to you.

New wallet

Having a new wallet in your dream shows that you are willing to embrace change and appreciate new things. Avoid focusing on just one thing to balance your actions and desires.

Dreambook suggests that happiness will come to you. This dream indicates a new beginning, thus consider how you see yourself and your life. You may encounter kind surprises.

Stolen wallet, wallet theft

A dream about theft of a wallet shows that someone admires you, but also wants to take advantage of you. Dreambook advises: don’t be submissive. Many people give up their own will for the assets of others. Don’t do it, even if it is for the benefit of family or friends.


The dream meaning also suggests avoiding anxiety, do not stress, do not cause conflict. Uncertainty is poison to your aspirations and achievements. Work on everything with calmness, commitment, and patience.

If your wallet is stolen in a dream, it means that someone may be using your financial situation to manipulate you or force you to buy unnecessary things. This dream also expresses the possibility that a co-worker may take over your tasks and eventually replace you. This may result in financial losses.

If someone in the dream steals your money and leaves your purse it suggests that someone close to you will betray your trust by sharing your secrets with others.

If you notice the theft of another person’s wallet, you may be working on your additional skills, interests, or hobbies. Soon – thanks to them – you will be successful and feel more confident.

Lost, to lose your wallet

Don’t be provoked into any argument. Be resilient, and have confidence and respect in yourself. Don’t get involved in the troubles of loved ones.

Whether you want to help them or have been part of the conflict, walk away from any problems. Remain neutral.

Losing your wallet in a dream can symbolize abandoning habits or life situations that make you feel secure or complete as a person.

This dream can also mean that you have lost your way in life and need to rethink where you are going. It can also mean that you have lost your power and life energy. It is a sign that you feel weakened or helpless. You may have a sense of losing something that is essential to you.


To steal a wallet

A dream that you steal a wallet yourself shows that you may be deceived by someone. Be careful when making any cash operations, or entering into agreements. Do not borrow money.

To win a wallet

If you dreamed about winning a wallet, the dream may indicate some difficulties in the near future. You may have to postpone some plans and start concentrating on your work. You will need money.

To buy a wallet

The dream that you buy a wallet means that you will spend plenty of money on your health, which will allow you to preserve or improve it. If you buy a wallet for a person you know it means that you will give your relative plenty of money to save his health.

To find a wallet

If you find your own wallet in a dream, such as after it has been stolen, the dream may mean that you are returning to old bad habits that you overcame long ago. Dreambook exhorts you to think for yourself.

Finding someone else’s wallet without money promises trouble for men and a marriage proposal for women.

If you find your wallet on the street, it means that you have regained financial stability.

This would be a good time to take a small risk and try something new to improve your life.

Plenty of wallets

If you dream about a lot of wallets, it is usually a sign of a lot of obligations and responsibilities in waking life. It can also indicate that you are under plenty of pressure and need to relax. Sometimes such a dream predicts that you will successfully complete your work, so you may delegate some of your obligations to other people.


Women’s wallet (purse)

The meaning of the dream suggests that you will be successful in your professional life. Such a dream may be a sign of a business journey that will benefit you financially. The larger the size of the wallet and the heavier it is, the greater the financial reward you will receive.

Male wallet

Seeing a man’s wallet in a dream refers to your or someone in your family’s health. Perhaps someone has been ill and the dream foretells recovery.

Another dream meaning suggests checking your health and not underestimating any ailment.

Wallet colors

Black wallet

A dream about a black wallet suggests that you want your true feelings to remain a secret. This dream also indicates that you want to keep your personal affairs secret.

A new black wallet means that you should be ready for a gift or surprise. If you dreamed that the wallet was very expensive it means that you have chosen the right goal and you will definitely achieve what you set for yourself. Black color in this case means elegance and intelligence.

Red wallet

A red wallet in dreams symbolizes your passion and energy. However, you tend to focus too much on money and lose sight of what is really important. Focus on the people around you and everything will change.

White wallet

A white wallet in dreams is associated with virginity or some form of sexual innocence. This dream also indicates that you want to experience your sexuality more. You would also like to have casual relationships. Dreambook warns: be careful because people want to take advantage of you.

Golden wallet

This is a clear indication of great success approaching you. You will receive a great business opportunity that you should not miss. The money earned will help solve your problems.


Green wallet

If you are looking for solutions and looking out for a change of fortune, this dream announces just that. There will be important changes in your life. Be proactive and act according to your plan.

Summary of a dream about a wallet

  • To look at your wallet – you see the key to your achievements
  • Foreign wallet – you will fulfill your plans with someone else’s help
  • Wallet in your hand – you do not take care of yourself, improve yourself
  • Wallet with money – your financial situation will improve significantly
  • Empty wallet – you feel emptiness and have a sense of loss
  • New wallet – strike a balance between your actions and desires
  • Stolen wallet – someone admires you, but also wants to take advantage of you
  • Lost wallet – don’t get into trouble with loved ones
  • To steal a wallet – you may be cheated by someone
  • To win a wallet – you will need money
  • To buy a wallet – you will spend plenty of money on health
  • To find a wallet – you go back to old bad habits
  • Plenty of wallets – you need to relax
  • Women’s wallet (purse) – you will be successful at work
  • Men’s wallet – take care of your health and that of your loved ones
  • Black wallet – you want your true feelings to remain a secret
  • Red wallet – focus on other people
  • White wallet – you want to experience your sexuality more
  • Gold wallet – great success is approaching you
  • Green wallet – there will be important changes in your life

Dream about wallet

Wallet is definitely an important item for many of us, without which we practically cannot do without, and accompanies us every day.

Thus, it is easy to see that in our dreams the wallet must have an important meaning as a symbol, no matter in what context it appears to us.

Interpreting dreams about a wallet

A wallet appearing in our dreams can indicate some secrets and mysteries that are taking place in our lives, as well as our own or someone else’s personal affairs. For example, it can signify some of our affairs or secrets that we do not want to entrust to anyone or even hope that they will never come to light, or at least when we do not wish them to.

When we dream that we’ve lost our wallet or notice that someone has stolen it from us, it’s a sign that in waking life we’re struggling with a lack of motivation and desire to do things, most likely as a result of problems that take it all away from us and make us want for nothing, just as a thief takes away an item that is precious to us.

The loss of a wallet can also signal that our own actions are leading us to impotence and inability to take some action, in general or on some specific issue, or that it is competition, or rivalry with someone that is draining our strength, and taking away our hope for the future.

If we dream that we somehow lost our wallet, in which we had important documents, for example, a driver’s license or other identity card, it is a sign that we have doubts about our self-esteem, or something is happening in our life as a result of which we are not quite sure of our identity.

It can also mean that there is some great turmoil going on in our lives right now that is shaking up our life order and making us unsure of what to think for ourselves. Feelings of uncertainty and helplessness may indicate that we are afraid of losing our own identity, perhaps cultural, familial, or related to our family.


When we dream that we have acquired new documents to replace those lost, it is a sign that we are succeeding in rebuilding our self-confidence, or something has recently happened from which we have regained our self-confidence.

Dreambook mystic – wallet

What does it mean when you dream of a wallet?

  • When you dream that you have lost your wallet, it means that soon a secret of yours will come out.
  • Finding a wallet foretells that you will soon discover someone’s secret.
  • If you dream that you found a wallet with money, it means that you desire to earn a lot without effort, but it is not possible.
  • If you receive a stolen wallet, it is a signal from your subconscious that you need to be on guard, because someone from your immediate environment has bad intentions toward you.
  • An empty wallet appearing in your dream means that in waking life material things are more important to you than anything else, or it announces that you are about to be separated from a loved one, perhaps because of their death.
  • When you see your own wallet in your dream, it is a sign that you are doing perfectly well in life on your own and do not need to ask anyone for help.
  • When you dream that you take out your wallet, it signals that in waking life you are trying to impress others with your wealth.
  • If someone else’s wallet appears in your dream, it may signal that you are financially dependent on someone or would like to live at someone else’s expense.
  • If a woman dreams of an open wallet, it is a sign that she is open to erotic adventures.

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