dream violinOne interprets violin generally like fiddle. Who plays them in the dream like a virtuoso, would also like to strike in the real life by excellent achievements and play the first violin’ best everywhere ‘. Moreover, the violin is a symbol for harmony by the balance of tension and relaxation.


It is compared like the cello (see there) by the plump forms of a woman and should reveal their erotic radiation and the urging of that which leads the curve and asks for luck-like union. The movement of the fiddlestick points out to how your sexual cooperation is formed. Pay attention to whether he itself fast or slowly, affectionately or violently moved etc. The sound of the violins concludes by the harmonious teamwork of dear people. Nevertheless, feelings were transmitted always by the means of the music. Hence, the violin and the cello are also in the dream a bearer of messages from the feeling area.



To understand in man’s dreams often sexually as a power symbol.



  • hear see or playing: Reassurance and cheerfulness, – also: you will accept a leading position with great success, – also: one should check his plans in whether they are not too pinned up, – ‘to Him there hangs the sky of full violins!’
  • play: Patience and perseverance own, – also: one should check himself whether one is not envious of the success more different.

(European ones).:

  • sexual dream which can be a power symbol, – also: spurs on to the perseverance and announces praise,
  • see one: one will maintain a pleasant entertainment, – also in nice society: the friendship proves themselves and the love relationship prospers,
  • many violins promise: the fact that one will bring himself in good situations,
  • hear playing: one will make himself popular by his behaviour, – also: be more different a little with envy on the success,
  • play: one goes towards to happy days, – one is liked by his romantic views about the life and the love, with others,
  • damage one or see damaged: one will destroy to themselves a luck,
  • shop: one can expect something good.


  • other see playing on it: Envy,
  • play: domestic luck.

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