dream violetsKey words: Shades, – softly, – thickening, – piercingly, – curative, – sentimentally, – withdrawing, – moon of the harvest. Description: The violet, in the medicine wheel the plant totem in the moon of the harvest (from the 23rd of August to the 22nd of September) to Born, seems in woods and on meadows everywhere in the world in hundreds of kinds. They are small plants with dark green plump sheets and tender violet blossoms. Sheets and blossoms own because of her antiseptic and expectorant effect for remedial purposes. Certain violet kinds own to itself to thicken soups and braised courts. Violets have supposedly the quality to penetrate body areas which are ordinarily reached only from blood and lymphatic liquids and to dissolve there poison deposition. They look generally tonic and help in difficulty in breathing and sore throat. General meaning: Be shy, – a tender aspect of your being, – a part of itself which would like to penetrate something and heal, – a sentimental portion of your nature, – the aspect of your being which would best keep away from other people. Association: Blue eye, – tone. Transcendent meaning: A revelation of your sentimentality.

In general:

Violet shows longing for domestic luck, Before and family in. If unmarried receive the flowers given or pick, a quick marriage should promise after old dream books. Like all dreams of flowers this one erotic meaning also has. Especially pleasant erotic recollections have sweetened your sleep.



The elegant little flower in the creeping rhizome tells of restraint and modesty, from love which blossoms in secrecy.



  • symbol of the modesty, discretion and loyalty, – promises luck in all areas of life,
  • see or pick: by modesty you make yourself popular, – also: you are in love,
  • get as a gift: one will soon enter a firm connection, – you are loved dearly,
  • give away: one will realise his wishes and longings in the love, – also: your love is loyal.

(European ones).:

  • back recollection of ex-events, – very luck-promising for lovers,
  • see: one is about to change negatively his ethical views,
  • many see: if one give remains, now one can experience luck,
  • pick, give or get as a gift: Luck in affairs of the heart, – it will give in the life happy occasions with which one wins the favour of a senior person,
  • in the blossom: Luck as well as a pleasing married state,
  • A young woman whom she picks will soon meet her future husband. If they are dry or have wilted, then her love is disdained and turned down.


  • receive given: you will get the consent, – you will soon step before the altar,
  • pick: you will soon get to know your future woman, – you will find the luck in the love,
  • pick for married: the marriage takes a good course,
  • see: you have luck in the love,
  • dress up with it: your modesty creates to you joy.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Violets

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