dream villageLike the house or the tree the village is a reflexion of the personality of the dreaming. A village in a dream refers to a narrow community. It symbolises the talent of the dreaming to develop restorative relations and community spirit. Nevertheless, in a village it is not only idyllic. For example, everybody knows about all the others exactly what can be absolutely problematic. Because the life runs in a village more slowly than in the city, it could stand than dream contents also for relaxation. For a town person the wish to return to a natural, easy life-style, but also the paraphrase of the narrowness which loads us maybe according to feeling, besides, at the same time, however, about illusions warns. Thus, e.g., the village church puts his spiritual constitution and character development, the village square his respect with the environment or the village cemetery to loneliness, loss, resignation or life insecurity. From the village in the town go points to boredom and the need for change. ‘In a village live’ translated Egyptian interpreters of dreams with the peaceful existence which one thinks to lead in the circle of good friends or in the family in future.


Often there stood church and pub, two quite different places, in the centre of the village life. Seen spiritual, the dreaming must try over and over again to bring two aspects of his life with each other in harmony.




  • see: the disputes come to an end,
  • enter: you will make an acquaintance,
  • have a look: unfavorable future,
  • live in it: peaceful life, – one should allow himself once rest,
  • see burning: you come to good property circumstances,
  • see poor: your property decreases,
  • see well-to-do: good premeaning.

(European ones).:

  • wish for return to the nature,
  • see the especially nice, clean: if brings good income, – is happy and soon in the country live,
  • see the miserable and dirty: declining property relations,
  • see dilapidatedly or unclearly in the dream: you expect it annoyance and grief,
  • one consider: simple future,
  • several see: Unfavour,
  • go in a foreign one: it will soon turn out a change in the life,
  • are in one: take pleasure to good health and be supplied well,
  • live in one: if means all kinds of good, – peaceful future,
  • of one go in the town: if a change brings in the life,
  • visit village inn: one will find luck,
  • wander through one: one will experience joy,
  • visit the home village: pleasant surprises as well as pleasing news, the absent friends concern, approach.


  • you must help, only the luck does not come to your house,
  • live in it: by a friend your other life will better develop,
  • see burning: you can count on property increase,
  • light: your friend requires you to speak, goes and listens to him.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Village

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