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Vermin drem interpretation
Meaning of dream Vermin :

dream verminAssociation: – smaller problems, – inconvenience. Question: – What torments me?

In general:

Mostly how insects (to indicate see there). In the antiquity one believed that vermin points to carelessness in the game of chance, on money which is fast won and is lost as fast. However, in combination with other symbols it could stand for the wrong people who want to include us into her scheming play. If one destroys it, should request to more diligence.

Dream interpretation and meaning : Vermin


If it looks itself into the dreaming, bites, stings, blood sucks, it is worth as a tip to a big strain which on dissatisfied (or suppressed) sexuality – particularly with young people – is due. In women’s dreams vermin indicates not only dissatisfied sexual wishes, but also sometimes the fear of an undesirable pregnancy.



  • have: you get money,
  • see: bad people have seen it on your ruin, – also: small obstacles make you only vigorous,
  • are tormented by these: disagreeable enemies will affect his professional success in the next time or if he does not pay attention, even ruins, – also: Luck in the lottery or monetary profit,
  • get the plague in clutch: one may count on continual luck and success.

(European ones).:

  • promises in the positive case luck in the lottery, business advantage and profit,
  • are tormented by vermin: one feels strongly bothered from some people.


  • see: commit no sin, think of your promise,
  • have: you will come if you are still so poor in your life to prosperity,
  • kill: your laziness is without borders.

Vermin - dream interpretation and meaning
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