dream vegetableAssociation: – healthy food, – natural food. Question: – What do I starve for?

In general:

In general it is interpreted like fruit. Superficially vegetables something deal with healthy food. How do you hold it with it? Deep-going out meanings are in such a way: The vegetables of whose pleasure the breath smells so before all garlic and onions, indicate quarrel. Something will become obvious, without the dreaming would want it, and a friend or friend will thereby feel injured. Vegetables like peas, beans, carrots indicate income.



Since old time vegetables and the plant world were not seen at all only as symbols for vitality, food, fullness, fertility and resurrection, but also for dull vegetating away. In the dream vegetables can seem as symbols for the most elementary feelings. Not completely one may dismissing the possibility of a sexual allusion which often arises from the form of the respective vegetable kind. Some vegetable kinds point like some fruits to female or male gender organs. The cultivation of the vegetable kinds which remind of certain body areas allows to hope for sexual joys. Vegetables this swell, a physical or mental disgruntlement can circumscribe. Even the cultivation of such vegetables indicates in this negative direction. However, there are also other interpretation possibilities: e.g., an allusion on the eating habits – maybe one does not eat enough roughage, grain products and green leafy vegetables. If one cooks vegetables in the dream much too long, this could mean that one concentrate too long and too much upon a problem or a respect wears out, in the sense that she becomes too oppressive. The symbolic meaning of single vegetable kinds was never coined as strongly as the associations to certain fruits. Hence, one must think over all possible relations exactly, before one interprets beans, potatoes or cabbage in the dream for final. Cabbage, e.g. if is in some countries of Europe an allusion on birth because one tells children there, the babies would come into the world in cabbages. The way, as to itself beans and peas climb to the sky, or the fact, that root vegetables grow underground, can be significant, perhaps, an allusion on industriousness and ambition or on laborious thoroughness. Cooked or prepared vegetables mean something else than the raw under circumstances that shows maybe new ideas which develop or only simply offer to one, still grow and must be maintained?


All vegetables which causes a stinking breath if one has eaten it bring concealed and wake up hatred for the house inhabitants, – e.g., the radish, the endive and the chives count to it. Those vegetables which is peeled and is eaten raw indicate because of the rubbish in bowls damage, as for example of the Lattich and other this kind. Artichokes mean because of her stings and sharpness pains, distant losses of earnings, – then the plant has no nutritional value. Mangold, mallows, sorrels, sour sorrels and Announcing are good only for debtors because they irritate the stomach and promote the bowel movement, – the stomach and the intestine resemble because especially a believer. Tuberous plants, Mohrüben and other nutritious vegetable foodstuffs bring material advantages, – only to people who go to court around land, they are unfavorable, – then these plants are torn out together with the roots. Cabbage is useful for nothing and indicates particularly bar owners, winegrowers and all theatrical people evil because the vine never twines around the cabbage. (It was a generally widespread superstition that vines do not stand the nearness of the cabbage. One explains itself by this antipathy that those should be protected against drunkenness and drunkenness which had eaten before raw cabbage.) From the so-called white vegetables means to swedes, mangels and pumpkin futile hopes because they weight with and sonders the stomachs and have no nutritional value. Sick person and travellers prophesy them surgical interventions and wounds, caused by iron because one chops these vegetable kinds. Peeled cucumbers are good for sick people because they eliminate juices, – water melons promote friendship and communities, – then pepon the writers call what is especially dear to one and expensive, – business enterprises against it thwart them, – then pepon also means flabbiness. Onion and garlic eat, however, misfortune, her possession brings luck. Only for sick people the dream of onions differently goes out. If dreams one which is ill, he eats many onions, he will come though again on the legs, but deplore the death of another. If he eats only a few, he will die. Since the dying pour only few tears, the mourning against it many because they weep long time. Legumes are with and separate from bad premeaning, excluded peas because of the name (wordplay: pison = pea and peitho (spoken piso) = Überredung), – then these are the symbol of the Überredung, particularly for coxswains and lawyers. One becomes the tax oar, the judges will obey the other. Ground coarsely legumes and beans are heralds of tiff and quarrel, ersteren because they cause indecent hoist, – not only, but because they are exiled by every ritual celebration and every holy site. Lenses indicate grief (the lenses were a food of the dead person’s meals), barley pearl barley strains because they are hard to be ground. Piston millet, Rispenhirse and spelt mean poverty and need, they bring luck only to the people who live on the large amount. White pearl barley and Spelt points, in so far as they are nutritious, material profit in, in so far as they are grown under big trouble, excessively strain, an arm, however, illness. Sesame, linseed and mustard help only to doctors, to all remaining people they cause violent pains and bring concealed.



  • Dreaming one, he eats herb and salad which is arranged with vinegar, he will be very bad in it according to the amount which he eaten, and the sharpness of the vinegar, – owns somebody a herb garden and vegetable garden, worries will press him after the amount of the plants, – he tears out the plants with roots and he cleans his garden, he will create his plague with effort and work from the neck.
  • Eating of a garlic, onions or leek, he will suffer misery and misery according to the sharpness of the onion plants and in bad smell come because these plants cause a stinking breath – seems to it him, he eats not of it, but carries them only on himself, the evil will be weaker, – he gives to a friend onion plants, the receiver will experience by the giver so many bad days how he has got onions, – eats such cooked, he will get of the authority a mild punishment, because the onions on fire were cooked.
  • Dreaming one, he eats celery or parsley, he will recover, if he is ill if not, a modest luck find.
  • beans, lenses, chickpeas, cowardly beans or such mean need and worries according to their amount, – besides, are the cowardly beans of worse premeaning than all the other legumes because they are bitter,
  • looks to legumes scattered in his house, he will get quarrel and quarrel at home, particularly as if their amount is big, – indicates to eat cooked legumes, one will fall according to the consumption in illness and misery.
  • millet and sesame promise wealth and money, sesame because of his oil salary is even more favourably, however.
  • somebody owns

  • Getting, or stores millet and sesame in his house or eats he of it, he will attain stamped gold, property and respect, measured in their amount, and one like the other will get him validity.
  • see: is valid for a good premeaning, – also: pay attention more to your health,
  • in the garden: Prosperity and family joy,
  • harvest: you get salary improvement,
  • eat: is valid for annoyance in the private life, – also: one will demand too much of his friends or use even and, therefore, should check his behaviour, – also: you have to fulfil a joyless job,
  • cook: one will ventilate a secret.

(European ones).:

  • cucumbers, maize, carrots, asparagi are erotically sexual symbols in women’s dreams (male dream symbols),
  • see: the life is not made easy to come to the aim, one must work hard,
  • plant: Heart joys expect one,
  • green vegetables: hard work for low yield,
  • fresh see in the garden: Discovery of a sad secret,
  • act with it: if quarrel with the neighborhood tells in,
  • shop: Annoyance,
  • eat: Illness, – also: Signs for strange fate chances, – temporarily one will be successful, make, however, then the grievous experience that one was deceived, – one should also check his behaviour other towards critically,
  • the wilted or rotted: if Li> brings limitless grief and bad worries,
  • preparing

  • If a young woman in the dream of vegetables, she loses after insults those of her popular man, however, she will get a magnanimous and loyal husband. Their employments will be quite little successful.


  • cook: you have frustration in your family,
  • plant: your heart’s desires are fulfilled,
  • the raw: pay attention to your house, fire threatens it.

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