dream varnishVarnish serves as an external protective covering and at the same time for the embellishment of objects. As a dream symbol he can accept both meanings. One interprets varnish mostly like facade as an attempt to varnish something or to whitewash. Maybe the dreaming covers something to conceal imperfection, or he protects himself or tried to present himself outwardly better than he regards himself. Shining varnish can also indicate vanity and selfoverestimation. If one dreams of objects in which ‘the varnish has come off’, or if the proverbial ‘scratch points out in the varnish’ to the fact that a little bit is not any more intactly (or flawlessly), this is valid as a tip to an ‘angekratzte mind situation’ (or injured feelings). This is valid particularly when one keeps up with pleasure to the outside ‘the appearances’ and with a showing respect in a partnership wants to ‘shine’. The dream is to be understood as a request to handle more honestly with any ‘varnish damages’. If one dreams of damages to the paint, the motor energy of the person) refers to own constitution (car = – one needs the possibility once again ‘to fill up’ himself – and psychically as physically a ‘general service’. If the dreaming varnishes something in his dream, he is with that what he has created, not contently. Maybe he must further work on it which to receive created up to now or to improve it in such a way, until also other people understand it.


At this level varnish could symbolise in the dream that the dreaming has achieved a certain spiritual aim and would like to preserve now his secret reverentially.




  • glide with it: you will manage to blacken your enemies, – also: you want to put someone else,
  • see: it is not all gold what shines.

(European ones).:

  • see: one wants to varnish something,
  • varnish a little bit brilliantly: one will have ingratitude.


  • is in the everyday life carefully with foreign people,
  • varnish something: one tries to attain honourings with deceitful means, – glide with it: you are not yet about your excitement away,
  • others see varnishing: the efforts of friends to increase her possessions will endanger to one,
  • drily: it must be possible by your cleverness that you reach to your aim,
  • patent leather shoes: the goodness is rare in the life, also you must wait,
  • varnish boot: you will soon have reconciled if you are steadfast the lovers.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Varnish

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