dream urnFor many people an electoral urn is the symbol for her life as a member of the society. To dream of it, signals the ability of the dreaming to adapt itself in a community and to act for the common welfare.


Like all vessels the urn stands also for the female principle. A covered urn is associated with the death, above all when the urn appears in connection with a crematory in the dream. Hence, a dream of an urn can also rouse a foreboding on the death in the dreaming. The vessel which takes up the cinder of a dead (see there), points to a bereavement, however, could circumscribe the mood situation in which we are presently as well as our moody being.



At the spiritual level the urn in the dream represents the female, receptive element.



  • own see: long life,
  • foreign ones see: Death or illness,
  • bekränzt: Inheritance or honour,
  • put something: one will bring you soon in a big embarrassment.

(European ones).:

  • promises dangers in the next time which will entail sadness and a death, – also: one will renounce from disagreeable people and releases from these further his aims pursue,
  • bekränzt see: News about a young relative who comes to own big pride and delight to honour,
  • see a broken one: misfortune stands before the door.


  • see: you are responsible in quite a lot of incommodities and domestic quarrel,
  • see burying: you can hope for a long life.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Urn

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