dream universityAssociation: – higher learning. Question: – At which place would like I to extend my knowledge?

In general:

If the dreaming sees himself in a university, this throws a light on his potential and on his learning ability. Even if he practices no academic profession, nevertheless, he can be aware of his ability to step with similarly thinking people in connection.



Because a university has the job to provide ‘higher education’, it is made to the dreaming in his dream of the university deliberate which diversified experiences and knowledge he can win. He must penetrate from the universal and banal into deeper fields of knowledge and consciousness areas.


Spiritual knowledge and the ability to bring it properly to the application can be acquired only in the ‘university of the life’.



  • you must deepen your knowledge, – also: you will find out a lot of new.

(European ones).:

  • a sign that one will have luck in the uses of the talents and with the friends,
  • symbolises the rise in a long-desired position,
  • go to this: one will be distinguished for an excellent work.


  • see: finally, you will come to the examination that you cannot switch so and prevail as you would like it,
  • study in it: your mind is sharp and your knowledge is big, your will, however, weakly, – hence, you come to no aim.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : University

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