A dream about urine means that you need to try to let go of negative or repressed emotions, or that you are wasting too much money. Seeing urine in a dream also represents feelings that you have rejected.

Dreambook urine

Dreams about urine can symbolize purification, and depending on the context of the dream, urinating is a symbol of whether you have control over your life.


To see urine

A dream about urine signifies vigor and energy, a sign of power and strength, even in the face of difficulties. This strength can be not only physical, but also mental or spiritual needed to overcome obstacles standing in your way.

According to Dreambook, dreaming about urine is also associated with relief related to some kind of physical or sexual need.

To urinate

Dreaming that you urinate indicates the difficulties you have gone through, foreshadowing their end. The dream is also related to your financial life and can mean sudden changes in your situation.

Dreaming that you are urinating indicates the release of negative energy and repressed emotions. The dream also symbolizes prosperity and wealth and indicates success in your endeavors and a happy future. Even if you encounter challenges along the way, you can easily overcome them and achieve your goals. Sometimes this dream indicates a desire to share private affairs and secrets with someone you consider a loyal friend.

To urinate in a public place

This type of dream means that some difficulty is approaching.

Try to stay away from confusion. Problems and misunderstandings may arise in your relationship, as well as in finances. Be very careful in spending money.


Dreaming that you urinate in public symbolizes a lack of privacy in some personal matters. You are trying to establish your boundaries and mark your territory.

The dream reveals irresponsibility and lack of discretion. If other people in the dream are watching you, the dream may suggest that you need privacy.

Someone urinates on you

Dreaming that someone is urinating on you indicates a feeling of emotional strain. Other people are dumping all their emotions and worries on you. You need to free yourself from such a situation. Take more time for yourself.

To see someone urinating

The dream means that someone is putting obstacles in your way, there are already plenty of them that every now and then you fall and can’t get back up. Be vigilant at work, because there is someone who will try to systematically make your life difficult and will not give up so easily. Prove that you are better than this person!

Wet yourself (wet your pants)

If you are upset by the situation in your dream, it is a sign that you will face some obstacles on your way to professional success. But don’t be afraid, any problems will be overcome if you act with wisdom and humility.

Luck is on your side.

A dream that you accidentally urinated or wet your pants means that you are on the verge of an emotional outburst. You desperately want to release all the feelings you are carrying inside.

The dream also symbolizes a lack of self-esteem.


Not being able to urinate

The dream is associated with the end of your worries. You are probably experiencing a difficult time in your life, but soon the problems will pass. Always try to maintain emotional balance.

Wet bed (sodden bed)

The dream reveals communication difficulties, it is a warning to get rid of shyness. Take action, go out to people, and gain confidence. You need to start working with us yourself.

To sniff urine

This dream is often associated with finances in waking life, it can refer to a significant improvement in your life. Gains can come from more than one source.

The smell of urine in dreams can indicate that you should take care of your diet, and especially pay attention to what you drink. Entering a restroom where you smell urine may suggest that you need to control the situation, especially at work.

To drink urine

A dream about drinking urine means misunderstandings at work. Stay away from gossip. Also be careful of your words, appearance, and attitude, as any mistake could result in some kind of attack from an unkind person. Don’t get too involved in other people’s problems.

Drinking urine in a dream also symbolizes fear of letting others know about your negative emotions, it also indicates that you have no self-esteem.

Urine with blood

This is a common dream of people who are exhausted or very afraid of getting sick. This dream is a sign that you need to take more care of yourself. Pay more attention to your health, rest, and try not to stress. Change your lifestyle.

The dream can also mean that a painful moment in your life is coming, but with this, you will find the best way to achieve your goals.


The dream usually indicates a disturbance in a relationship. Sometimes it also means a loss of motivation and passion in life.

Dark urine

A dream about dark urine is related to your health. Try to take better care of yourself and your surroundings.

Dark urine in a dream is a sign that your thoughts or ideas may be harmful. Think about it.

To clean up urine

The dream may suggest that you are ashamed of something and are trying to hide it from others. Another meaning of the dream may symbolize the need to restrain yourself, restraint, taming some habits or desires.

Child’s urine

If the dream is about a child who urinates, the dream’s meaning may be a signal for you to be more aware of the methods you use to solve your own problems. Perhaps you are not dealing with them in the right way?

This dream indicates that you need to remove negative emotions. The dream also signifies rebirth. You can rise above everything.

Dog urine

If you saw a large puddle of dog urine in your dream, you are likely to receive an inheritance or another large amount of money.

If you saw a dog peeing, the meaning of the dream indicates good ideas for improving productivity and performance at work or even starting a new activity.


The dream usually means spending nice moments in the company of a family member or close friend.

Cat urine

A dream about a cat’s urine is associated with longevity and resistance to disease. You will enjoy excellent health, and if you have been ill recently, you have a chance to recover and feel much better.

Rabbit urine

This dream means that you are a sincere person, and sometimes even naive. Also, evaluate whether you put the needs of others above your own. If so, it’s time to make some changes. Take better care of yourself.

The dream is also a warning to be careful with your words and actions.

Dream meaning: Urine

  • To see urine – you have the strength and energy to act
  • To urinate – an imminent change in your financial situation is possible.
  • To urinate in a public place – you are trying to take care of your privacy, set boundaries
  • Someone urinates on you – take more time for yourself
  • To see someone urinating – someone at work will systematically make your life difficult
  • Wet yourself (wet your pants) – you are on the verge of emotional exhaustion Not being able to urinate – your problems will soon be over
  • Wetting the bed ( sodden bed) – gain self-confidence
  • To sniff urine – take care of your diet
  • Drink urine – stay away from gossip
  • Urine with blood – you are exhausted, get some rest
  • Dark urine – take better care of yourself
  • Clean urine – you are ashamed of something and try to hide it
  • Urine of a child – get rid of negative emotions
  • Dog urine – you will receive an inheritance or plenty of money
  • Cat urine – you will enjoy asset health
  • Rabbit urine – be careful with your words and actions

When you dream that you urinate, it means that your situation will soon improve.

Drinking urine heralds good health for you.

Urinating in bed is a signal from your subconscious to develop a strong will because you never know when it may come in handy.

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