dream umbrellaAssociation: – Protection before emotional Überschüttung. Question: – What streams on me?

In general:

A defensive symbol, one wants himself against a contact, against a feeling (rains = water = emotion) ‘guard’, one prevents that one is ‘filled’ by a sensation. Umbrella can point to superfluous fears from which one should escape. After old dream books he can also promise more respect.



He outlines our protective need against all powers of the nature. An old man, for example, who tries in the dream desperately to find again his lost umbrella maybe tries in the awake life convulsively to regain lost sexual strength. A woman who stretches the screen wants to ward off, perhaps, a meddlesome admirer.



  • see or use: is careful, it will come to you zustatten,
  • unanimously: the worries are soon overcome, help is close,
  • see stretched: differences will soon appear in the family circle, – also: A warning! One should be by far more careful with his words and actions, also late remorse could make up for nothing.
  • go in the rain with it: one can wear to you nothing, you have a happy time,
  • stretch: one is responsible for the family differences, – also: one should watch out for mistakes which will cost substantial substance and nerve,
  • put aside: there threatens a quarrel.

(European ones).:

  • see: one has unnecessary fear of something,
  • see stretched: one should be more careful with words and actions much, as later remorse would make up for nothing,
  • stretch themselves one with rain: one does not see his luck and blindly runs past it,
  • stretch with rain: one does not see his luck and passes it,
  • carry one: Difficulties and nuisances will hold prisoner to one,
  • other see with it: one will ask them to help out with mild gifts,
  • borrow one: if an omen is for a misunderstanding, maybe with a good friend,
  • lend one: insult threatens by wrong friends,
  • lose: there comes to problems with a confidant,
  • see one in pieces of torn or broken ones: one is slandered,
  • löchrigen carry: one will feel because of his treasure or because of known pain and displeasure,
  • new carry in the sun: stands for the highest pleasure and prosperity.


  • see: you come to respect,
  • more torn: you will go to ruin in bad mania.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Umbrella

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