dream ulcerAn ulcer is a suffering which can be cured only hard. If a dream acts of it, this shows that the dreaming must work on the healing of a big injury. This injury is probably where in the dream also the ulcer appears. Thus a peptic ulcer refers to an emotional problem, while an oral ulcer could mean that the dreaming with communication difficulties struggles. Old dream books understand it also as a warning before business failure which one has to ascribe to himself, or in general as a tip to forthcoming worries and problems.


The breaking the banks excessive of own character should be shown with it, – one should remove it as quickly as possible to come again with himself to the pure one. If another person has in the dream an ulcer, this can mean that the dreaming projects his problems on this. Under the section of ‘ulcers’ also fall rashes, abscesses, inflammations, pimples, boils and the similar. These visions are tips to stress, tensions, problems, mental conflicts or feeling of inferiority of the dreaming. If a relief or even healing already appears in the dream action, this means that the dreaming owns enough strength, to finish his problems. The mental situation of the dreaming is to be read in the gravity of the illness in the dream action.



At the spiritual level an ulcer stands in the dream for mental pain or also for a conflict.


If one dreams of an ulcer or suffering in the neck or in the upper lip, illness registers to all without difference, – then anyhow the well-being of the whole person depends on the head and on the neck, – these are healthy, it is also the concerning person, they are not it, he is ill and weak.



  • Dreaming one, his body has risen from ulcers, it means in general wealth according to the interpretation which is valid concerning the geschwürigen body parts, – then the head calls the superior, the neck the dreaming, the collarbones the concubines, the arms the brother or the favourite member, the scapulas and ribs the wife of the dreamer, the hands the upper farm-hand, the thighs the blood relations, – the legs and feet mean his living, to the emperor his uppermost confidential secretary to an arm.
  • see or have: indicates at tiresome and unpleasant friends,
  • feel with ulcers overcast: one will soon get around something in worry,
  • in the neck or head: bad illness,
  • in the nape: not to let use a warning, from others,
  • in the face: one speaks ugly of you,
  • in the body: one avoids you and you lose friends,
  • in the hand: you act of some wrong,
  • in the bottom: the bad disappears and luck calls in,
  • on the feet: grievous hours experience,
  • by moving means on the skin causes (also blisters): Health.

(European ones).:

  • see: the loss of friends and the separation of a beloved person stands in the house, – the love affairs will not give satisfaction,
  • from the pus and blood flows: joyless things soon approach, – the insincerity of friends will possibly prepare for a big annoyance,
  • have: Damage or losses, – grief for murky times, – also: because of the countless ridiculous affairs with friends make themselves unpopular one,
  • on the forehead: points to illness of a being close,
  • in the legs: are valid as a token for fear, grief and pointless work,
  • in the arms: Nuisance, loss of time or money,
  • on the back: your enemies will triumph about you,
  • see with others: one will have to overcome many obstacles.


  • Having an ulcer him soils, he will come into money only laboriously, – then only laboriously and under pains the blood becomes an ulcer.
  • he will attain

  • Looking one in a body part an abscess, after his size wealth.
  • have: your business is in the decline, by your own guilt,
  • in legs and feet: Decline of the business,
  • in the back: Victory over your enemies,
  • in the arms: Grief.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Ulcer

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