dream trousersAssociation: – low, – passions. Question: – Which signals do I send out?


Trousers often indicate fear of exposures and loss of respect, – the need for more protection and security can be connected with it. A symbol for ability of getting through and the especially logical conversion of her male being shares. In the man’s dream: A positive symbol for the fact that he has properly understood ‘his role as a man’ or plays them successfully and realises according to his maskulinen traits. In the women’s dream: She wants to wear ‘the breeches’ and is harder (or maskuliner) than she is. Traditionally: Symbol for vanity and for the (played) √úberbetonung of own morality and chastity: One ‘never drops the trousers’.

  • Who takes off the trousers in the dream, therefore, a nakedness presents itself, his respect will suffer damage. Sometimes she also points to a superficial life setting which thinks highly a lot of outward appearances.
  • If one dresses the trousers in the dream, concludes on it that one is easily offended in the awake life. Sometimes it also points to excessive power striving (one wears, finally, the breeches!).
  • used one braces, one wants to make sure in the awake life of the help more different.



  • see: Disappointments suffer,
  • gets dark: in a solemnity take part,
  • black ones carry: Funereal message receive, – must make a grievous experience,
  • white ones carry: watch out for misleading, – one will see a mistake,
  • highlights: happy society hold,
  • stained carry: Frustration and annoyance agree,
  • pull: you will get the rule in the house, – you maintain your position,
  • depart: Illness, – one does down you, – also: Inclination to a disorderly conduct,
  • lose: one must count on travesty and defamation of character,
  • mend: you will get in need and feel shame.


  • Dreaming somebody, he carries new trousers, he will acquire a new house.
  • Seeming it one, he has made in the trousers, he will have for his house according to the bad business involuntary issues.
  • tearing

  • Being the trousers, his house Damage will suffer, they have become bulging, he will use from free pieces of money for it, experience joy and lead a good life at home and with his wife.
  • he will suffer

  • Losing he the trousers, misery and compulsion in his house, be parted soon also from his wife.
  • Dreaming a woman who is of good hope them carries trousers against her habit, she will bear a boy and inherit with it the house, – she is not pregnant, she will conceive of the man of her heart.

(European ones).:

  • one finds in it protection to which one must be without in the nude, – one hangs very much on outward appearances, – also: if a flirtation and disputes means for the married for the single,
  • shop and look: Women’s favour,
  • see: meant rest and security,
  • pull: happy marriage, – one would like to take over the guidance in the closer surroundings or defend itself against guidance,
  • depart: Losses, – reminder to the care, – superficial conduct,
  • black ones carry: Grief,
  • white ones: you will see a mistake,
  • torn ones: you will experience disgrace,
  • lose: you will come henpecked under the mule, – one will be mocked,
  • mend: Financial embarrassment.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Trousers

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