dream tombFor a childless it is a happy sign to build a tomb in the dream. It means because that one will get, nevertheless, still children who will live on then one day after the death of the dreaming. Because a wedding leads the way of a birth, it often also predicts a marriage. Smashed gravestones mean exactly the opposite.


A tomb is to be owned or to be built for a slave and a childless of good premeaning, – who will attain one the freedom because not slaves, but free tombs acquire to which other a child than monument of itself leave behind. This dream face often prophesies a wedding because a tomb as well as a woman takes up whole bodies in itself. Then it indicates the acquisition of land. Generally it is for everybody of good premeaning, for the prosperous like for the arms. Smashed or collapsing tombs mean the opposite.

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Dream interpretation and meaning : Tomb(s)

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