dream thunderThe thunder was always the symbol for power and energy. In connection with the flash he was looked as tools of the gods. He could bring grief and grief with himself, as well as look clearing. The thunder which is to be heard in a dream can be a warning before a forthcoming emotional unloading by pent-up rage, fury or other aggressive emotions. The dreaming has dammed up this energy which must find, finally, a valve because she can arrange a lot of evil, – one must recognise this danger on time and defuse possibly, before it comes to quarrel and discontent. However, these feelings can already have discharged. One must interpret the respective other dream symbols to know, why it is a crash thunderously.

  • the thunder with flash walks along, one will meet maybe unexpectedly a person with whom one celebrates a happy reunion.
  • of The thunder without flash announces bad news according to Egyptian interpreters of dreams.
  • of distant thunder can stand for problems which continue furthermore.
  • thunder directly about own house indicates that one worries about the loss of money or damages to the property to himself.
  • thunder at the theatre asks not to make a lot of noise around Nothing because this does not pay off.
  • Being of the thunder only from wide distance to hear, then time still remains to win the control of an extremely difficult situation.


At the spiritual level Donnergrollen means deep fury or in extreme cases even the rage of God.



A thunder without flash means because he unexpectedly comes, posters and raids, a flash without thunder futile fear, – then after the flash expects one a thunderclap which is because of the din nothing else than a threat. If he is not to be heard, he causes the fear which is groundless.



  • hear: you will have quarrel and incommodities or loss, – you will hear frightening news, – also: the heavy time goes towards to her end,
  • a long way off: there remains to a still time to win the control of a difficulty,
  • and flash which catches fire: nice hopes will miss,
  • and flash which is harmless: an unexpected reunion.

(European ones).:

  • the rumbling nature shows to the dreaming that positive like negative plan exits are influenced by her,
  • hear: means that to you somebody will cause fear and grief, – one will get quarrel and worries, – setbacks in the professional life threaten, – also: make ‘a lot of noise around nothing’,
  • of close thunder: rich harvest, – successful business transaction, – happy marriage,
  • of distant thunder: good news of a friend or relatives from distant country,
  • if the storm no damage arranges: you meet a friend,
  • a thunderclap without thunderstorm: changes must be made in the life or be looked at foreign places for solutions,
  • thunder and rain: it expects you annoyance and grief,
  • of quiet thunder: some friends are not that what they seem to be and could have searched your friendship with Hintergedanken,
  • of roaring thunder: a problem which frightens to one will be soon solved,
  • frightening thunderclaps hear which shake the earth: Signs for big losses and disappointments,
  • hear at the theatre: if a lot of noise means around nothing,
  • and flash: a happy reunion,
  • if the flash hits: if a loss tells in,
  • thunderstorm in a very dark sky: brings riots in the country.

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