A thief in a dream represents a bad situation and what it causes: discomfort and sadness.

A dream about a thief is symbolic of a recurring situation in your life. It speaks of something you are afraid of losing, either because of your attitude or because of someone else’s interference. If you have recently bought a house or a car, it may simply mean that you are very afraid of what you own.


Dream Meaning Thief

You may have been going through a difficult financial period for some time, causing recurring worries. Dreaming of a thief can be an omen of financial loss, warning you that it is time to manage your money better to avoid problems in the future.

You may be afraid of losing a loved one or a job, or feeling insecure. Be aware of the people around you, because someone may be trying to hurt you.

Try to identify which area of your life is affected so that you can deal with the problem and also try to build up your confidence.

Often a thief in a dream is a reflection of your worries, fears, insecurities or inner conflicts. It reveals the need to face them.

It can also signify the end of difficulties and show that you can overcome obstacles with mastery.

What does a dream about a thief mean?

Being a thief

To dream that you are a thief is a warning not to be indiscriminately carried away by desires or negative attitudes. This dream indicates that you are jealous of something that someone else has achieved, or that you have hurt someone for your own benefit and feel guilty about it.
The meaning of the dream warns you to be very careful about what you do. It’s also important to focus more on yourself and not compare yourself so much with others.


Seeing a thief

The dream of a thief is mainly associated with the fear of losing something important. This can be a material or immaterial good, an heirloom, an amulet, but also success, a professional or social position, etc.
This dream also indicates someone who can take advantage of you. In some cases it speaks of your behaviour, which can have a negative effect on your life. The Dream Book recommends that you pay more attention to different areas of your life and anticipate problems.

A thief steals

A dream in which you see a thief stealing something means that you feel that someone is taking something important away from you. Perhaps someone has made a decision for you, prevented you from doing something or even stood in the way of achieving a goal. The meaning of the dream warns that it is time to learn to set boundaries.
Although it is difficult, remember that you have the right to live your life the way you want to, as long as you are not hurting anyone. Focus on expressing gratitude to the people you have in your life, and on maintaining your friendships and material possessions. This will help you to gain more and more friends and things that are important to you.

Being robbed by a thief

A dream about being robbed by a thief means that you are afraid of something bad happening to you and you don’t know what to do. This fear of surprise is making you worry too much.
The dream is a warning for you to prepare yourself for certain adversities that may come your way. Taking precautions is the best way to feel strong and withstand setbacks.
The meaning of the dream also advises you to concentrate more on your job, to realise that your success and the realisation of your goals and dreams depend on you.

Armed thief, thief with a bonia (gun, knife)

A dream about an armed thief is a sign of unfair competition in business or at work. Someone is doing everything in his power to stop you getting what you want, and the dream warns you to be careful.
This dream also means that it is time to get rid of all negative feelings. The dream book says that this could be your thoughts, feelings, harmful behaviour, toxic relationships, etc. So assess what you need to change in order to start a new and happier period.

A dream about an armed robber means that you are having difficulty getting what you want because of the jealousy of others. This situation is likely to occur at work or somewhere else where you want to gain recognition and grow.

Avoid telling too many people about your plans and focus on action rather than conversation. The only way to avoid a blow is to keep quiet. Take care of your relationships with friends and family, with those who trust you.

Thief in the house

A dream about a thief in the house is a sign of problems in your family or love life. You should therefore reflect on these areas of your life to understand what is causing you so much discomfort and find a satisfactory solution to the problem.
Home is also a representation of your own place in the world, so this dream has to do with a sense of identity. You may feel that you cannot be yourself around someone, so you need to resolve this problem, for pretending to be someone else will only bring suffering.
A dream about a thief in the house means that there will be some misunderstanding in your family. Try to talk to those you love, respecting their boundaries and trying to give the best of yourself.
A dream about a thief in the house also means that you will be able to avoid an unpleasant situation and put up a fight. Even if it seems complicated at first, you are willing to give your best to those you love.

House robbed

The meaning of the dream of a house being robbed in your absence is that it will draw attention to the people around you. This dream is a sign that someone is trying to hurt or slander you behind your back.


Be careful not to be naive. Pay attention to the signs and try to find out who this person is. Often a friendly conversation will solve the problem, but if not, get away from the person.

Thief jumping out of a window

A dream about a thief jumping out of a window means that someone is trying to harm you. It could even be someone you know. This person could be interested in your property or even your partner.
The meaning of the dream is that you need to pay double attention at work, as one of your colleagues may have bad intentions.

Thief on the roof

Dreaming of a thief on the roof means that you feel vulnerable. It is very important that you try to find out what is causing this feeling.

Perhaps it is just a reflection of your own insecurity, or perhaps there is some external situation that is making you feel this way. The Dream Book encourages you to try to solve this problem, for only then will you feel better.

Thief in the bank

A dream about a thief in the bank indicates that you need to be careful with your finances. Firstly, because it foretells unforeseen events or financial losses.

Another meaning is that you are spending more than you should and not thinking about the future. The Dream Book advises you to learn to manage your money better. Put money aside and control your spending. Also remember that there are many ways to enjoy life that don’t involve spending a lot of money – take advantage of them.

Thief steals money

A dream about a thief stealing money is a sign of financial loss. Start taking action today, reduce your spending and build up a reserve for possible emergencies. That way, even if you suffer a loss, your financial life will not be affected in the long term.

The Dream Book also says that it is important to pay attention to all the details when signing contracts or making investments. Often what seems like an excellent opportunity at first glance will give you a headache a few days later. So be responsible and careful.


Attack by a thief

The dream of being attacked by a thief occurs when you are having a good financial time and are worried about your livelihood. Is this because you are afraid of losing what you have achieved, or is there some other reason?
However, such dreams can also reflect a negative period in your financial life, especially if you have recently suffered a loss of some kind.

Another meaning of the dream is that you may be weakened by your pursuit of material possessions. You are afraid of shortages and try to accumulate savings at all costs. The Dream Book advises: “Don’t let fear get the better of you. Just do what you can to solve your problems and don’t forget to enjoy life.

Fighting a thief

If your fight with a thief in the dream ends in defeat, it means that your fears and anxieties are getting the better of you. These fears are caused by certain people and the fear of losing what you have already achieved.
The thief represents people’s jealousy of your success, and his victory in the dream represents the power of envy around you. Try to get away from those who hurt you.

If you fight a thief in your dream and win, it means that you are focusing on your daily victories and becoming more self-confident. By working on yourself you will become more and more successful in all areas of your life.

The dream also means that you will begin to overcome your fears. Focus on what you want for your future and don’t let fear hold you back.

Being held hostage by a thief

To dream that you are being held hostage by a thief means that something or someone is making you feel trapped or that you have no choice.

It could be a loved one, a boss, a debt or something you can’t change. The dream warns you that it is time to take action to get rid of the problem, so consider your options and ask a friend for advice if necessary.

Police and thieves

A dream about police and thieves means that you are going through a period of inner conflict. You may not know which way to go and your feelings and thoughts are contradictory. It is necessary to reflect in order to make a wise decision.


If, on the other hand, you dream that a thief is caught by the police, this is a sign that an injustice will soon be rectified; for example, if you have lost something, or have been cheated by someone, that person will be punished and what you have lost will be returned to you.

The Dream Book points out the importance of thinking. Remember that everything has consequences, not only for you but also for the people around you.

Such dreams can occur when you have to make a choice and feel under pressure, or when you have done something you regret. This is why it is important to act responsibly and not impulsively to avoid hurting yourself or others.

Fleeing thief (fleeing thief)

A dream of a thief fleeing indicates that you feel wronged because someone has done you harm and not been punished, or perhaps you have even taken the blame. Try to resolve the situation by telling the truth.

The dream also means that you are letting your own fears get the better of you. The dream encourages you to face them and to trust yourself more. This will give you the chance to feel more confident, which will benefit all areas of your life.

Another interpretation of this dream is that someone is trying to stand in the way of your professional success. It is therefore necessary to double your attention and avoid conflict, then you will have plenty of chances to come out of this situation unscathed.

Catching a thief

The meaning of this dream is that you feel confident and brave in the face of your fears and obstacles. The dream means that you know how to deal with difficulties. Even if there is an obstacle in your way, or someone tries to stand in your way, you will deal with it as best you can.

The dream is also a sign that you have a good chance of achieving your goals if you continue on your current path. So don’t get discouraged and keep going with the same determination.


This dream also bodes well for your finances and indicates that you have many opportunities to achieve what you want. The dream book says that you should dedicate yourself to building what you want. You will soon have many reasons to celebrate.

Captured thief

A dream about a captured thief means the end of a difficult time. It could refer to love or family relationships, financial life, work conflicts or even health.
It can also mean that you have to make a decision that will affect your future and the future of others, causing uncertainty and worry.

Unknown (unrecognised) thief

A dream about an unknown thief indicates a problem that you have not yet been able to identify, but you have noticed some signs of it. For example, a friend may be angry with you, but you have not talked about it.

This dream could also reflect your fear of losing something. Try to understand what is causing this fear, and if you discover a problem, deal with it as soon as possible.

Hooded thief

A dream about a hooded thief (if it is difficult to see his face) is a sign to be careful. Such dreams warn against false friendships and people who only pretend to want your best. Try to find out who this person is so that they cannot harm you in the future.

A hooded thief in a dream also represents someone who wants to take advantage of you and go unnoticed. So be wary of people who are only around when you have something to offer.

A calm (composed) thief

This dream means that you are about to encounter some obstacle or difficulty, which may be related to your finances, your business, your studies or some goal you wish to achieve. However, the dream book says that this situation is only a small obstacle in your way, so do not be discouraged. Also, don’t spend too much time regretting what has happened, just focus on what is important to you.

Violent thief

This dream can refer to someone in your life who makes you feel helpless. For example, it could be someone who humiliates or criticises you.


It can also refer to losses you have suffered in the past that you have not yet come to terms with. Ask a friend or professional for help. It is important to allow yourself to move on.

Jewellery thief

The dream book indicates that you need to be careful with investments, projects and ideas. Don’t be fooled when investing your money, as someone may try to take advantage of you.

The meaning of the dream also indicates that there is a possibility that someone you know will steal your business idea or that a colleague will take credit for something you have done. This problem will cause a lot of heartache and frustration, so keep your eyes open.

A thief stealing from you

A dream about a thief stealing your belongings means that you may have problems at work. It is time for you to redouble your diligence in your tasks and even in your social contacts.
This dream also warns you to take better care of your finances, as there is a possibility that something unforeseen will happen and you will need money.

Many thieves

The dream of many thieves means that many people are trying to harm you. They may be part of the same group as you, or they may be acting alone. Be vigilant.

Remember that this is often due to jealousy or greed. So be especially wary of people you have just met or who have recently considered themselves your friends. Try to identify who the people are who want to harm you and move on from them, focusing on what is really important to you.

Dream Meaning: Thief

Mystic dream meanings – Thief

  • To be a thief – be careful what you do.
  • To see a thief – you are afraid of losing something important.
  • To be robbed by a thief – you have the right to live your life as you wish.
  • To be robbed by a thief – be prepared for adversity.
  • An armed thief, a thief with a bonia (gun, knife) – you will have difficulty getting what you want.
  • A thief in the house – there will be a misunderstanding in your family.
  • Robbed house – someone is trying to slander you
  • Thief jumping out of a window – be aware of the people around you.
  • Thief on the roof – you feel vulnerable
  • Thief in the bank – be careful with your finances
  • Thief stealing money – financial loss may occur
  • Thief attacking you – you are constantly worried about something
  • Fighting a thief – fighting your fears
  • Being held hostage by a thief – you feel trapped
  • Police and thief – you are going through a period of inner conflict
  • Getting away from a thief (a fleeing thief) – you feel wronged
  • Catching a thief – you are bravely facing fears and obstacles
  • Caught thief – the end of a difficult period is approaching.
  • Unknown thief – you are afraid of losing something.
  • Hooded thief – Beware of false friends
  • Calm (composed) thief – you will encounter some obstacle or difficulty.
  • Violent thief – you feel helpless, ask for help
  • Jewellery thief – Don’t let yourself be robbed or taken advantage of.
  • Thief who robbed you – you may have problems at work
  • Many thieves – many people want to harm you

If you dream of a thief in your Mystic Dream Book, this symbol generally heralds romance or flirtation for you.

If you see a thief in your dream, it heralds good changes in your emotional life.


If you dream that you are chasing a thief, it foretells that your enemies will not be able to harm you.

If you have caught a thief, it foretells some danger for you.

If you dream that you are a thief, it foretells that your extravagance will first discourage those around you and then lead you to total bankruptcy.

dream thief

  • One wants to dissuade you from your aim.

(European ones).:

  • astonishing information which will be to own advantage.


  • see: you will soon have to make a firm decision.
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Dream interpretation and meaning : Thief

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